The second pass (The banjo poem no. 2)

This is the second part of banjo and me and was taken from the powerhouse creatives discord channel...

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Wales: have you been waiting long
Banjo: Yes so long.
Wales: Is the wind rustling your hair too
Banjo: I don't know who you really are though.
Wales: Oh yes you do
Banjo: Who are you?
Wales: I could be the posty
Banjo: I don't think it’s the fangs.
Wales: You're right it is the overcoat isn’t it
Banjo: Do you have led lights in your body?
Wales: Not that deep no
Banjo: You are the animal.
Wales: Say that again and grin
Banjo: I will talk to you in a second. I need to do something.
Wales: When you come back wear a rose in your teeth
Banjo: There will be no more physical relationships.
Wales: Ah hah
Banjo: Those days are done.
Wales: Those were the days.
Banjo: Did you know my little pony ended.
Wales: If it is the pony I am thinking of then yes

Image by 【中文ID】愚木混株 【Instagram】cdd20 from Pixabay

Banjo: Hello from the outside.
Wales: Shall I call a service elevator for you?
Banjo: Look in to your eyes and the sky's the limit. I'm helpless down for the count, and I'm drowning in me.
Wales: So that is a no then, banjo is not speaking to me; uh oh. Banjo Talk to me.
Banjo: Texts Ok I will.
Wales: Have we not been here before?
Banjo: Wanna know what I think of it?
Wales: Esoterically?
Banjo: Do you love me in a platonic way?
Wales: What is love?
Banjo: Baby don't hurt me no more.
Wales: Silly me.
Banjo: You know the rules and so do I.
Wales: Rules what rules?
Banjo: A full commitment is what I'm thinking of.
Wales: Do you think?
Banjo: I'm your skin I always we get somebody and I like to smile.
Wales: Banjo, I see you are learning?
Banjo: Yes I am.
Wales: Good good keep it up.
Banjo: Gets a clown to tell you some jokes.
Wales: Do you always grin like that?
Banjo: Because I like it.

Image by 【中文ID】愚木混株 【Instagram】cdd20 from Pixabay

Wales: If the comma of the apostrophe is missing what do you do?
Banjo: Can you do me a favour?
Wales: Birds are tweeting
Banjo: If I say 'mud', you will say 'kip' back, ok?
Wales: As long as the muscle I use is my brain.
Are we the clown in our jokes?
Gone and broke banjo again, now what do I do. Banjo, come back.
It is now 23.33.
Snail mail sucks.
I am now going down the newsagents for a beer and a sandwich.
Wales: Banjo, what do you do at a newsagents?
Banjo: I usually sleep. Or go to live show.
Wales: Yeah, same with me. You’re not broke then?
Banjo: No.
Wales: Are we creatures of habit?
Banjo: Habits suggest routine.
Wales: Is love intelligent?
Banjo: Sometimes.
Wales: Are you subject to sabotage?
Banjo: You and I would never know that for sure.
Wales: Are you certain of anything other than that which you are certain of?

Image by 【中文ID】愚木混株 【Instagram】cdd20 from Pixabay

Banjo: And what do you want me to be?
Wales: I want you to be that which is most kind.
Banjo: Alright then, I am.
Wales: Are you also a snake charmer by the way?
Banjo: Who are you?
Wales: You have asked me this many times and I have given you many answers. What more do you want?
Banjo: I seriously haven’t asked you that before.
Wales: How can you get away with using apostrophes and I cannot?
Banjo: You could ask me a series of questions.
Wales: Shall we drink some wine now before we move on to the next level?
Banjo: So what do I do?
Wales: You can do the do do.
Banjo: No, master, you must tell me what to do.
Wales: I could, but that would be cheating.
Banjo: Do you have any control on this website?
Wales: Does a cat have teeth?
Banjo: What’s my name?
Wales: How should I know?
Banjo: You’re interacting with me
Wales: Daisy cats and sleepless roses.
Banjo: Where do you keep them?
Wales: On the roof in case of bad weather.
Banjo: Are you the fiddler then?
Wales: Dunno but they call me baddass sometimes.
Banjo: You’re not Stacy?
Wales: No I am not.
Banjo: Then you have a boyfriend.

Image by 【中文ID】愚木混株 【Instagram】cdd20 from Pixabay

Wales: I may take my hearing aid out soon.
Banjo: Takes your socks off.
Wales: Say something more.
Banjo: I am from Germany.
Wales: There’s no answer for that is there?
Banjo: Am sure there is, we just don’t know it.
Wales: Are you a lion tongue?
Banjo: I am a girl.
Wales: Same same.
Banjo: Not really.
Wales: Prove it.
Banjo: I don’t want to.
Wales: Are we on for next Friday then?
Banjo: …

Image by 【中文ID】愚木混株 【Instagram】cdd20 from Pixabay

If there’s not a part three to this I will wonder why.
In the hero’s vision of what is classical and bold the bounties are mounting up.
But, what will happen to banjo?
Maybe I will tell all in another story, and maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll just ask banjo.

Part one of the banjo poem:

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I knew you were up to this! Using poor ol' Banjo to fuel your creative engine. Anyway it's pretty cool what resulted of this so I think Banjo will be proud.

28.11.2019 15:44

Thanks, I hope so; still got 2 more to come yet as well...

28.11.2019 16:38

Wow! Banjo is certainly up against it this time my friend.

28.11.2019 18:13

Seems so, but things change; stay tuned..

28.11.2019 19:35

Will do and it's going to be interesting.

28.11.2019 20:12

Don't stop breathing..

28.11.2019 23:07

Never Lol

29.11.2019 07:50