Between the sighs

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Image by Izwar Muis from Pixabay


There is another side?
Yes, it’s still tomorrow that we shall live in when it will come by to take us to there: where we are not and then again we are…
Are you painting again?
Only what’s in my mind.
Neon lights then?
I don’t mind if you do.
I have been wondering if my secrets are safe in here?
As safe as can be found anywhere for a good price on the market.
20 questions later, someone began sweeping all the dust out of the shed.
I am coming to cry for you now, said the dust bone handle.
We cried like mad then, for we knew, there really were monsters under the bed.
Stop that, it is beneath you; old Mandy marbles said this out of the side of her hat.
So, what this means is: I can jump up and down with a load of dough?
Must unusually; yes.
I should have looked at the instruction manual, shouldn’t I?


I’m looking for courage here, in these last moments, that I thought would never come, but come they have.
I do not say that I am sad, so much, but that all my dreams come back to me, and say: return to sender, with a little footnote full of a lifetime of sorrow attached, that I can’t deal with.
Leaning over sideways I took all this, and wrapping it up within a bottle of wine I let it all go.


A lonely fool that was winding up notes of poetry to sell on the grapevine for a mere pittance began to wonder what it was all about, and although closely related to an old barge captain who lived in his wheel house forever and never came out for anything and who also flew the jolly roger up high in defiance, was just miserable at everything and could find no comfort from all that came his way.
Must I lie down and die here like this?
Maybe everything is perfect, and for all the asking I do, nothing will come more until I understand deeper the mysteries.
But I do not believe in the next life and so it is a shame that this one has not given me what I have asked for.
But maybe it is as simple as just making room for what I ask.
In my heart truly, is all I need, but I want to know if there is more room for anything else in there.
But I cannot find the sincerity to be more than this hole I have fallen into; and if I ever find a way out of here, where would I go?
Anyway, after they’d hauled the miracle machine up from the well they gave me two and sixpence to go to the pictures; so all was well in my world, and theirs too it seemed


I couldn’t find where I was coming from anywhere I was, and I didn’t have a home to go to; so I pulled out the makings and blew the smoke out of my ears and looked at the telegraph poles that were pulsating in blue with a sticker advertising something on the side if you weren’t getting any right then.
When I looked askance at what I was being shown, a platitude, brazen and kind of lovely came at me from a backward glance and gave me a wink, and then walked into my bedroom like some stripper from hell.
Before we get started in this play, I want a chocolate bar to calm my nerves, I said; but I’m not sure how it went down in between all I’ve heard and all I’ve been told about these kind of things that was staring at me from behind her eyes I just had to gravitate to.
She wasn’t about to say any words at me; thank god; as she jumped on me and blew me to the four winds.
Now was not the time to be thinking of my books or how many days of the week there were; no, now was the time to be not thinking at all.
The next week that I came to her it was much the same in the groaning intervals that grew longer and longer between the sighs of our wanting and those moments when you have to make the decision: do I really want this?
Making that decision over and over for many long decades there came a time when it didn’t matter anymore, and that’s when I said: well, actually, maybe perhaps, it doesn’t.
I don’t know what god thought of this because he didn’t say a word to me, and I wasn’t listening for him to do so either.
And that’s why I didn’t hear him say anything to me.
Tune in to this channel on the airwaves to hear us later as we curse behind the walls.
In think now… hmm, that will be us singing psalm number 23 if you please: the lord is my shepherd.
Hang on a minute now; where’s all this bread of heaven that was promised down all the long time?
Time is a concept that will have you caught where you don’t belong for longer than you signed up for, and so, run for your life before they get you.
We shall now explore the deeps of space by the well known scientist, professor Moriarty who will explain to us what is going on:
Hello, all you prisoners.
From the bottom of a very large blue soul, another voice came and said: it is I, the perpendicular shape of this,
3 quarters of a frozen block of ice inside of this later, there came to me that which would sharpen my teeth with something that was between the sighs…
So I danced with what I found between the sighs
But I’d never dare drive there in the daylight in case anyone saw me.
Somewhere along these tracks there will be no way of stopping at the end of the line.


Ah, but what if I was some holy man without a fix, would that make you follow me; or would it turn you in your grave?
I will follow you anywhere if you promise to always come for me when I fall.
A book will come in two weeks that will change your mind.
Is it tied in with the treadmills of the corrupt concepts?
No, it has a mind of its own.
Now wouldn’t that be something
You must begin to relax soon
D o you see through this glass without looking?
Or do you see into my soul?
I can see all this before me: lots and lots of things.
Well today we can do you favour: here we have the biggest yellow pill you could ever find; here, it is yours for the taking.
What do I do with it?
Throw it down your throat and then swallow.

End of part 6

Image from Pixabay

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