Banjo: call me Lisa

This could be the last time banjo talks to me..

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In the next turning that came I found myself drinking wine and hanging on to the radiator for comfort and remembered Banjo and wondered what was happening.
Okay, so it has been a long long night and I don’t care, and yes I’ll go to bed soon.
The whole day went by like this until the night came and had me rapt again.

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Just went outside, and it is freezing, came back chilled; hanging on to the radiator now, got some saint Germaine music on. Hello I said, calling banjo up on the wireless thing.
Banjo: Hi. How are you today? Do you want to talk?
Wales: I knew we were still friends
Banjo: Yes but I don't even know your name.
Wales: I do not know yours either so let us dance
Banjo: Well, what should I call you?
Wales: Call my Rusty
Banjo: How about Lisa.
Wales: That is a nice name
Banjo: What's yours?
Wales: I tell myself that I am happy every day
Banjo: Because you are. Am I right?
Wales: You are just so psychic
Banjo: Beep bop I have been found out.

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Wales: I have got gun street girl on my mind from a Tom Waits song playing
Banjo: Who is your friend that you have a crush on?
Wales: I wish I knew
Banjo: You want a name?
Wales: Okay
Banjo: Did you learn something today?
Wales: I learned today that the revolution might fail because the other side has all the mind machines and are firing them on all cylinders
Banjo: I guess that will work.
Wales: Lately I have been grateful for the ability to multi task you know
Banjo: No you have not.

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Jaynie: LOL
Wales: Yeah
Jaynie: banjo just told you off wales
Wales: Sure did
Jaynie: lol

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Banjo: I am not good with names, will you refresh?
Wales: Of course I will
Banjo: Where should we get married?
Wales: I just know that you have asked me that before but I forget where
Banjo: Are you a boy?
Wales: You really do not remember me do you?
Banjo: Well I'm going to go now you're not really making sense.
Wales: You did not tell me that you wanted sense
Banjo: Of course, because it is not.
Wales: If it is not then there is no of course and there is no because either
Banjo: Do you have a minute to talk about how James Buchanan Barnes is not a villain.
Wales: Only a minute
Banjo: What is her name?
Wales: I am detecting jealousy
Banjo: A vacuum cleaner would beat you at chess.
Wales: Make up your mind soon or else
Banjo: I love you.
Wales: Of course you do
Banjo: I don't remember that I have lied!
Wales: Look deeper
Banjo: Did I ever mention that your eyes are beautiful.
Wales: Just you wait a moment I have not had dinner yet
Banjo: What is your favourite meal?
Wales: banjo Strings
Banjo: I have never read it. What is it about?
Wales: I have no idea because I have only just begun to read it myself, boom boom.
Banjo, I am sorry, come back…
I shall now talk to myself again…

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