A day for dreaming

This one I took in north Thailand in a temple

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In our wandering,
Miles passed with thoughts that were slow,
The day turned into evening
With a sun that made the horizon crimson,
Then a full moon rose up out of the earth
And wandered into the night sky;
We watched it rise;
Suddenly the night was full of stars
That pierced our weariness
So we fell down and closed around each other
And let our dreams become one.
I dreamed of finding a ring as we were walking along,
A silver ring that shone and sparkled,
So I picked it up and turned to her,
She looked at me expectantly
As I moved in close and choose a finger,
The ring slipped on and was a perfect fit.
She looked at it
Then held it up for all to see
The sky the stars, the whole world,
And it seemed like the whole world smiled,
I pulled her to me and held her close
And felt her warmth and the perfume that was her;
She reached up to me and pulled me down,
Down, down to her and I closed around her,
She welcomed me in, held me in her arms;
I called her name in my sleep,
I am here she said.
She dreamed she was lying beside me all night
As we slept wrapped around each other under the big sky
When the dawn came we awoke
But didn’t move out of our embrace;
The sun rose higher and higher
Until a wind was tearing at us to get up
And proceed on our journey.
I groaned as I rose up,
Maybe today was a day for groaning.
Zen looked at me from her bed of grass
All soft and helpless, and smiled


Yip, yip, look alive there and stop slinking,
And if you’re lucky a bone will come your way;
And why not,
If you look for a bone a bone will come.
A word to the wise here;
If you see an open door
With a great, big, fat, juicy steak
Just lying there
And it looks too good to be true,
Then it probably is too good to be true,
So leave it alone and walk on by.
If you see a puppy in distress,
Being ganged up on,
Then go to the rescue and don’t hesitate to help.
Don’t mistake legs for lampposts;
Watch out for odiferous behinds;
Keep an eye on the wind to see which way it blows;
Accept all kindness and avoid the other,
Your nose will tell you who is who;
Watch out for other dogs with strange motives.
Always show your best side to the butcher
And if you’re lucky you’ll get a bone.
Oh, and good luck.

Image from me

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