WEEKLY CONTEST | Poetry Game [Day 3-WEEK 3] @walad


What is our real purpose in living in this world?
Live to eat, or eat to live?

If we live to eat what is the use of us living?
We will do everything we can to continue to get food, is life only limited to eating, eating and eating?

And what will happen if we eat to live? Yes ... !!! We will live on, we will not die because we don't get food, because our first priority is to Eat to Live.

Make life meaningful while we live!
Don't make your life to eat, because that will blind you and eliminate gratitude for you.

Eat to live, that way you will understand what the real purpose of life is, when one day we die we will understand and understand that life is not for eating, but eating to stay alive.


08 March 2021

Thanks You so Much

Regards @walad

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