My cute little cat🐱

Hello steemians,.

Today I want to share a photo of a kitten sleeping in its mother's arms.

I took this image using my smartphone.

Keep On Steem

Best Regards @walad

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Awww!!!! How cute they are 😍🥰 Iove kittens and these ones are stupendous with her mother. Thanks for sharing this photography. It's wonderful to see such kind of pictures like this one. I send regards to you from Latin America 🌎 G. Night 🙂

onepercent #venezuela #affable

13.12.2020 02:48

Thanks you So much😊😊

Best regards from me in Sabang, Indonesia🙏

13.12.2020 03:54

Thanks. You're welcome 😄

13.12.2020 03:58