MU Is Hard To Get Rid Of Team Norway

re-reap victory in preseason matches. Latest, they were able to overthrow the Norwegian team.
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Playing at Ullevaal Stadion, Oslo, Tuesday 30 July 2019, the Red Devils lower their full strength. It's just that midfielder Paul Pogba didn't start the game from the start.

Two new MU players, Aaron Wan Bissaka and Daniel James, were played from the start. Likewise with the young employee Scott McTominay.

The game itself went tough. Although dominating, but Manchester United struggled to dismantle the home team's defense. The first round of the match was closed with a 0-0 position.

The same thing happened in the second half. MU almost deadlocked to break the back line.

Luckily in injury time MU can produce goals. Even then through Juan Mata's penalty execution. The right 12 kick prizes were given after the Spaniard was dropped by an opponent in the forbidden box.

This is a victory in five trials that have been undertaken. Next they will face AC Milan before then met Chelsea at the opening season of the new Premier League.

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