It turns out that what is thought will produce what is seen

Hello steemit friend wherever you are, hopefully your days are always happy and facilitated in everything we do. On this occasion I would like to discuss about what you think will result in what you see.


Why do bees quickly find flowers and flies quickly find dirt? The bee eye is only made to find flowers. Bee eyes are made specifically to find dirt.

Why? In the mind of honeybees and honey nothing else. Whereas only bees in the mind of the bee have nothing else. So it’s hard for bees to find dirt, but it’s easy for bees to find flowers everywhere. Instead it’s already for flies to find flowers, but it’s easy for flies to find dirt. What is the end result? bees rich in honey are very useful. Flies are rich in disease.

What wisdom can we take from this creature of God? It turns out that what we think will produce what we see. And what will see will produce what we will get.

Our lives cannot be separated from our heart and mind. If the heart and mind are always negative, surely what we see will always be negative. The end result is a negative life full of problems. If the heart and mind are always positive, surely whatever we see will always have a positive impact and the end result is a positive life full of happiness.

The choice is in our own hands. The right words are like sweet honeycombs and benefit the world as much as possible. Hopefully we are among those who produce honey that gives people and the surrounding world a sense of death. Keep spreading a positive spirit.

Thank you so much for reading my blog, hopefully it will be useful and useful for all of us.

Regards @khairulwalad

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