I have thoughts of you that lead to heartache...


I have storeys filled with steps we don't take
I have rooms filled with spaces we don't share
I have voicenotes filled with words we don't say
I have pictures filled with smiles we don't wear
I have thoughts filled with memories we don't make
I have jars filled with hearts that we don't bare
I have days filled with such gloom and no air
I have eyes that glare but hope to not tear

I have calenders filled with dates we don't keep
I have letters filled with words we don't speak
I have empty calls filled with excuses
I have questions filled with truths we don't seek
I have you but wish you knew you have me

I have albums filled with pics we don't take
I have aims at joy but leads to warfare
I have thoughts of glee but no, we don't dare
I have reasons still I think they ain't fair
I have love that stays when you do not care
I have strength enough to disregard fear
I have tickets and plans to go to nowhere
I hope someday nowhere leads to somewhere


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Wow., this is so good. Thanks for sharing. Continue writing good stuffs like this. Happy new year and I am wishing you and your family a prosperous new season

01.01.2021 13:53