This guy is nuts: Bill Gates: 'All rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef'


Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates said in a new interview that all rich countries should transition to 100% synthetic beef in order to significantly curb the greenhouse-gas emissions driving climate change.

In an interview published Sunday by MIT Technology Review, Mr. Gates, who is now cochair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and chair of the investment fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures, said the U.S. switching to plant-based meats like those sold by Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat will be “required” for saving the planet.

This guy needs to be locked up for pushing the dangerous covid shot but that's another story. Plant based meat makes about as much sense at not eating meat all together. It's very hard to get enough B12 and cholesterol from your diet if you aren't eating meat or dairy. Not to mention that beyond meat is full of sodium and other nasty ingredient that really don't make it healthy for anyone to eat.

Besides lacking the nutrients you're body needs this fake meat garbage is just another way to control people by making them believe they're saving the earth by eating it. Why not focus on the health benefits of eating plant based meat instead, right? Well that's because they're aren't any when compare processed foods like this to unprocessed real thing. So they have to label meat as bad for the environment. When in reality it's the corporate farming techniques that make ranching and farming bad for the environment and not the plants or animals we eat.

Anyways Bill Gates is fucking crazy and want to depopulate the planet so in his mind this all make sense.



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Comments 2

You actually can get all of those nutrients from plant foods, or your body creates it - as in the case of Taurine, Carnosine, and all other "non-essential" amino acids.

The only exception is Heme Iron (the less bio-available form of iron)

Anyway, there's a BIG difference between "going vegan" (mostly green-brain-washed folks who still don't eat organic, whole foods, or cut out the poisons) - and actually eating a healthy plant-based diet.

Bill Gates wants everyone to be a Beyond Burger & french fries type of vegan. Cut out the animal products, replace them with laboratory-made food replacements, and that achieves 100% control over the bodies of the masses.

17.02.2021 18:01

100% agree with you, there's a big difference between healthy eating and so called healthy diets.

17.02.2021 22:28