Nashville Christmas bomber claimed he had cancer and began to give away his possessions weeks before the attack at AT&T transmission building because he was paranoid about 5G technology

The Nashville Christmas bomber claimed to have cancer and appeared to be winding up his affairs before launching Friday's attack outside an AT&T building in the city, according to a new report.

Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, was named by the FBI on Sunday as the perpetrator of the Christmas Day bombing, after DNA showed he perished in the attack carried out with an RV rigged to explode.

Finally we have a picture of this guy three days after the bombing. I google search his name yesterday in hopes of finding a picture of this guy but did not have any luck. Usually the media will post pictures of mass shooters and other terror attacks within a day or even hours after it happens. Maybe it was because of the holiday they were slow to posting it but I just find it odd.

Michelle Swing, the woman to whom Warner gifted his $160,000 house in November, insisted to on Saturday that she had no knowledge of the transfer.

And then we have his chick which Mr Warner gave not one but two homes too is not saying how she knows him. One home he gave her back in 2018 but apparently Mr. Warner's mom sued to get it back. So there's something a little odd with Her and Mr Warner's relationship. Maybe she's a prostitute that he was using for sometime now or former co-worker that he had a crush on? Not sure, but it's odd she wouldn't just say how she knows him unless she knows more about him and is talking with investigators about it.

Agents are also investigating whether Quinn's paranoia over telecommunications began with the death of his father Charles B. Warner in July 2011, aged 78.

A death certificate obtained by notes that Charles, nicknamed Popeye, died of dementia after spending his career working for BellSouth, a former AT&T subsidiary which re-merged with the company in 2006.

Then we have the 5G speculation. His dad worked for BellSouth but probably retired 20 or 25 years ago way before 5G was even a concept. So not sure why they're investigating this unless his dad warned of the dangers of radio waves in general or maybe he believes his dad's death was the result of being exposed to these harmful waves throughout his career.

It's easy to speculate but I'd like to see more evidence before going to far down the rabbit hole. Usually these people leave a manifesto or some evidence online as to why they did it. Maybe that's why they didn't release a photo of him until now so they could wipe this guy off social media first and then government can put out whatever story they want on the guy.


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