Man's fatal heart attack likely unlinked to vaccine he took 2 hours before but "there may be unfortunate cases"


A 75-year-old man from Beit She’an died of a heart attack about two hours after being vaccinated against the novel coronavirus on Monday morning, the Health Ministry reported.

The man had preexisting conditions and had suffered from heart attacks in the past, it said.

Got to love the spin on this article. Nothing to see here folks this man died of a heart attack and the vaccine 2 hours ago had nothing to do with it. Everything is A-OK go back to digging burying your heads in the sand.

When Pfizer presented its safety data to the US Food and Drug Administration in early December, it was found that two trial participants had died after receiving the vaccine. One of the deceased was immunocompromised, meaning the person’s immune defenses were low.

In response to the report of those deaths, Israel’s Midaat Association said when vaccines are administered to at-risk populations, “there may be unfortunate cases. One should not infer from this about the safety of the vaccine, but welcome the transparency required from the pharma companies in the drug approval process.”

That's right people! "there may be unfortunate cases" according the "experts" at Midaat in Israel. People should just accept the fact that the folks with weak immune systems or have preexisting conditions might die from the vaccine that's suppose to be "safe and effective" to protect them from covid.


Lets ignore all the possible side effects that could of triggered this guy's heart attack especially the one that says your heart might beat faster.

People need to wake the fuck up and not trust the "experts" and put your faith in what God gave you like an immune system and vitamin D, C and zinc.


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