You can have a free, good laugh here.

Ill humor, what shall I say?

I guess it is personal what one considers as ill.
Stupid jokes or giggling about nothing is not what I see as ill humor (I didn't even know there is a word for it) neither black humor is ill humor.
I love black humor so yes, I am a huge fan of Rowan Atkinson.
It is good to laugh about "serious" subjects or less serious. It helps to put things into perspective.

You can start a fight about everything, feel insulted or discriminated about the smallest things but you will not win anything with it. For sure the feeling of being insulted has to do with culture and religion, the way you are raised.
Fact is: a good laugh is good for the soul. It makes your life easier.

If you forgot how to laugh take laugh therapy. On YouTube, you will find videos about it

No need to pay for it. Introduce yourself, say what you suffer from and nicker. Might be it takes some practice because you are not the jolly type or always angry but there is no need to do it in public. You can hide in the closet and have a good laugh about yourself or if it helps you to start laughing about me.

Just say " Kitty Wu is the stupids Steemian I know. She should not be allowed to vote since she does not know what she is doing. It is a good thing she is dying, no need to send her the plagues. The Netherlands will be grateful too."

It wasn't that hard, was it?

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Comments 7

You come up with the best images and memes, @wonderwop!
@wakeupkitty, I really hope no one said this to you: It is a good thing she is dying, no need to send her the plagues. I hope it is only a joke: "You can hide in the closet and have a good laugh about yourself or if it helps you to start laughing about me."
You also like Mr. Bean!!! He is hilarious! Portraying the most self-absorbed, incompetent idiot ever to get me laughing out loud at his antics.

BlackHumor like the TV show Dexter.... if it's not overdone, over-the-top, it's great.

28.09.2019 14:46

@wonderwop Thanks for the good laugh. Happy Sunday with a cool breeze and a good start into the new week. ❤️Posted with

29.09.2019 20:48

Laughter is the best medicine @wakeupkitty thanks for all the tips and links as well.

26.09.2019 15:02

@joanstewart it is indeed and we should laugh way more. I hope the tips will help you. I will update them or add more if I know them.

Happy Sunday and a great start into the new week. ❤️Posted with

29.09.2019 20:49

Wishing you a wonderful new week @wakeupkitty

30.09.2019 07:03

Thank you I wish you the same 💕

01.10.2019 06:03