You are warned Winter is back

The good times are not going to last - winter is coming.
And if she couldn't stand someone it was Winter. Why did he always invite himself if she had a good time. The guy was totally screwed up and knew how to spoil everything with his cold heart and sick mind. Worse of all was her friends were blind if it came to his real personality. They were all flattered by winter.
She felt mad while she was abandoned, send out of her room and needed to sleep in the basement.

"Winter, you scumbag it is the last time I leave my room for you."

She was depending on her mother. That might have been a mistake.
It was clear the lady didn't care bout her only, once so wanted and loved child.
Once winter arrived everything changed. Suddenly it needed to be cosy and warm and quality time needed to be spent inside because of winter.
Winter was as cold as ice, heartless and killed who was in his way, not strong enough to fight for what was right, the light.
Once winter took over and spread his charm people fall for it and didn't notice the cold embraced them too. Some became depressed, others lost all there interest. That included the interest in winter as well. Winter didn't care as long as he reigned, he was in charge, he was satisfied.

The basement was cold but not as cold as my bedroom.
Still, I liked it more because of the window to the outside world it had. The only positive thing about my present "room" was I didn't meet winter and no one cared to visit me. I wasn't in the mood to watch everyone around me change into zombies.
For a moment I thought a puppy yelped but with winter around there was no chance of new life.
I thought deep... Was it so bad to stay here to let winter take over the world? I could hibernate instead or... The elixer was still there. I opened the small bottle and that was that.

This my entry to the weekendfreewrite of February 15, 2020. For the first prompt see here

**If you like to join the freewriters see @mariannewest

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You describe very well how I feel about winter :)

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We can hibernate or look for a better, warm place to be 😁💕

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