Yellow cure

Where I live it doesn't grow.

Of course, many spices are used but they are all imported. Imported for hundreds of years.
It is strange how such a small country, arising from the sea, where people live underneath sea level made this happen.
Great ships were built out of wood and men who could not swim at sailed around the world.
During the event Sail, a replica of these ships is shown. For sure it's something to be proud of. I always loved these ships. Real art. Art I found back on the silver teaspoons of my granny too.

The women left behind by those sailors had a job. They worked day and night, took care of their home, children, the payments. They were not stupid, followers, lived under a man's thumb, they made decisions on their own. They had to. There was no time to lay on the couch watch television, switching channels, eating bags of potato chips, and being bored. The food they could afford was eaten no matter if they liked it or we're in them for it. Each day a piece of bread or potatoes was common to many. Like the Dutch expression says: Hunger makes raw beans taste sweet.
No fancy or colorful food was served.
It wasn't important to eat something spicy or colorful. Still, all kinds of spices were brought back home just like they did with cocoa, coffee, and tea. Luxury drinks at first for kings only.

How to use these spices is you only eat beans or bread or potatoes? If the taste of food comes from lard mainly?
How to get used to a different taste/dish at all? What a farmer doesn't know he won't eat, is a Dutch expression too.
How many people were willing to try out those new spices?
How did they know what to do with turmeric? We call it safraan.

The only thing I always knew was you can color your rice (or potatoes) yellow with it. The taste (a bit bitter) is not something you like to add to your food unless it's mixed with curry.
Turmeric is used too to give curry a yellow color which actually means a part of the curry you buy is... turmeric, not curry.

Those who used the spice safran first were for sure the ones who came to our country. Knew how to use it. They were the ones whi introduced it to us, our kitchen and I am grateful for that. With the spices great cooks, tasty food was introduced and till today it is part of our kitchen and culture.

Turmeric is not used much although you can buy it in every supermarket where you can find it on a huge shelf with all kinds of spices. More spices as most people will ever buy.

The only reason I bought this pot was to try it out on infections, wounds on the skin.
It did not help me so I stopped using it. Who knows one day I find a different use for this pot. I do not need to color my rice with it. I like my rice white and if I color potatoes I use curry.

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Theme: Curcuma / turmeric /Safran

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