Would you grab the chance for a free Covid29 test?

My youngest is invited to do the Covid19 test with one parent.

The test results are given in some kind of electronic way (?) or available at the doctor's office. If they test too if you might be immune is not said.
We think the risk is too big. Standing in line with other people on Saturday, May 9 in an environment where an airborne virus might be present is too risky for me.

We do not feel sick and haven't been ill either.
I like to keep it that way. We even never had the flu. It might be due to the way we live - far away from other people - or who knows we are those lucky ones who are immune for some kind of reason so we pass.

Would you grab your chance to be tested for free?
To us it's not interesting to know if we are ill or had the virus because we do not feel sick. We mainly stay home, do not have visitors and do not visit anyone. This is the case since years, our lifestyle.
The only places that could (have) infect us were/are school, the supermarket or Club Coconut. After a day shopping we stay home for at least one preferable two or more weeks.

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