Will you spend your vacation this year at home?

It looks as if in most countries life starts again after May 20, 2020.
Shops, musea, terraces, pools, libraries and schools reopen.
I already thought there was a change coming up since no one at the supermarket or town hall wore a face mask or gloves. I doubt anything is desinfected like I saw on a photo published (apparently a school in Lisabon).
During all these weeks I didn't buy extra toilet paper, I bought 4 pieces of soap (we use soap too between our clothes to keep moths out of them plus one piece is in my bed to fight convulsion) plus I bought one bottle of bleach for the toilet.

Next week Sunday it's Mother's Day.
We might go out and sit on a terrace (if there's any and it's not too cold outside).
There still are restrictions if it comes to crossing borders for fun (Belgium, France) or going to the gasstation or for shopping. This means we all mainly have to stay in our own country or hometown.
With the summer holidays (starting in June) this means the only place you can celebrate a vacation is your hometown.
This would be a great impuls for the economy in your own place/country.

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Will you celebrate your vacation at home?
It might be different from what you are used to or had in mind but being tourist in your own home or neighbortown can be a great experience too.

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03.05.2020 14:57

I do not think we will be able to move around freely before July

04.05.2020 10:33