Will you give thalidomide a second chance?

Do you remember the medication "thalidomide"?

It was made by Grünenthal which was bought by Distillers (yes, the one who makes Johnny Walker).
The medication was called Softenon with us but was sold under different names. One of them was Contergan.

It was a "great" med to calm down people (after the second world war), helped against sleeping disorders and it was given to pregnant women because it worked against morning sickness and like we all know "morning sickness during the pregnancy is an disorder in women".

So many women were fed with thalidomide, gave birth to children without limbs, ears, eyes, organs messed up. Doctors, midwives killed babies after their birth, men dumped wives and children, governments and newspapers kept silence and it "only" took till 2012 for the company to commit their medication did this (it tired out to be a new pesticide, a bio weapon, something that's great in eating your nerve system and...

Thalidomide is back.
This med should be great in fighting all those diseases we are not crazy about. It still is a great med against sleepless nights and it fights cancer, HIV, leper and who knows even Covid19.

Will you give thalidomide a second chance?
If you have Netflix you can watch: "Attacking the devil: Harold Evansand the last nazi war crime." Don't worry it's not the last crime. The EU is build on Kallergi's plan which is written in the twenties!

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27.04.2020 07:18

wow, what a wicked pharmaceutical product. I think they released it for an experiment to see its effect on human last time. Now they released it back to cut down human population.

27.04.2020 08:16

My brother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in mid 2010 and one of his treatments contained a daily thalidomide pill at night, however, his treating doctor warned him of the risks of procreation during his intake. My brother passed away in 2012 from this terrible bone cancer. I believe that if the patient has a better quality of life with this medicine and the necessary warnings are made it can be administered, unless they have other side effects.
Some medications tell you not to drive or operate heavy machinery while taking this medication, but if you take it and still drive and create an accident where many people die, who is responsible for the medication or you for not following the warnings?
excellent topic to discuss. A pleasure to read you. Happy start to the week.

27.04.2020 15:22

Thank you for your answer. My first response was no but one day later I thought I might under certain circumstances. Not if I am pregnant (those days are over and my pregnancies were months of misery, vomiting and bleedings). It's hard to tell what we do.

It is hard to tell who is responsible. Frequently the side effects are not told or (long) after you took them plus ignored by doctors.

I wonder if it helped your brother or at least make him feel a bit better.
I am sorry about your lost. 💕

29.04.2020 14:46

Hello friend, your cancer was very painful. And with this medicine I managed to get some sleep. Its use had no side effects, in addition to the fact that other series of hemotherapy drugs were used at the same time, such as saying what was the effect of one and the other ?.
Thanks for your words, it has been a pain with which we have had to learn to live, because there are pains that cannot be overcome.
Greetings friend.

02.05.2020 12:18

It is good to hear it helped to sleep because I know by experiences it's hard with pain.

Some pain, lost will never leave us. We need to give it a place somewhere in our life because this is a part of life too.

I wish you a great day. 💕

05.05.2020 07:29

Yo recuerdo ese medicamento y todo el daño, que el causó. No sabía que vuelve a la palestra? es de locos...

27.04.2020 23:12

Ciertamente así es. Curiosamente sucede con más medicamentos. De repente se usa debido a los efectos secundarios. Asperine es uno de ellos también. Un abrazo para ti. Mantenerse a salvo. 💕

29.04.2020 14:40

Here aspirin is indicated to post-infarction patients. @wakeupkitty.

29.04.2020 15:19