What today meant to me - Sept. 18, 2019

What does today mean to me?
It is what I ask myself nearly every day and since I keep a diary (#sct-diary) daily since my Daily Diary needs a title.

I always come up with the title after I finshed my story and found the photo(s) to use.

If it comes to days... No day will start the same way as it ends. A dark day can end as a great one if the last minute is great.

I once read the last 10 minutes of the day tell you what today meant to you.

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5:25 am
On our way to the busstop.

Next stop the supermarket we, me and the youngest, arrive at 5:50 am and use the internet connection it is bad so is ours. I took our mobile router with us.

Posted on @appics wrote a nice entry for a ccc contest. Each time the participants surprise me with their content. Week after week answering the same question.

Posted at @team-ccc would shoot at his gun I shoot the guy.)

Washed the dishes.


Amount steps: 2941

8:25 am
Tea time again.

Time to freewrite. Yoo.rs first. Later I will see how to post it.

The guy from E.on came to write down how much energy I used he kept using his horn like a maniac. I had to hump outside to open the gate and let him pass one of the wolves by himself. 😁

11:22 am
I posted on Yoo.rs read, commented and upvoted some content.
I wrote and edited in WordPress first. Next I copy and past text plus pictures into Yoo.rs. If you use Publish0x it works there too.
I feel happy to read/meet the people there again.

Read an article about "Mud day". Started somewhere in Australia, since 2013 in the Netherlands too. Idea behind it is to let kids play with mud (sand/water), dirt keeps healthy.

6 months a year I live in the mud there is more needed to stay healthy.

Posted [Promising Monday]([Promising Monday](Day #1
A day full of surprises - Sept. 13, 2019 via SteemCoinpan. The site loads very slow.
While waiting I folded the laundry, swept the floor and walked up and down.
Still one day behind. πŸ€”

12:13 pm
Time for Weku, will post my Diary Day there too.

12:19 pm
Don't give up, @fitinfunfood in yourself? Is that selfupvoting too in some way?

If the payout of your post is a 100% upvote you also only earn 50%?

If you earn Steem and/or SBI by winning a contest 50% goes to ??? too?

Who knows the answer?

1:15 pm
Wrote: Kein Zeit fΓΌrn Quickie πŸ€”
. Theme: Sonnenschein / Sunshine. It is also my German freewrite.

Time to take the youngest out of school.

2 pm
Back home.

Photo made of a part of my car's motor.


Slug and Snail on WordPress. WordPress always works if it comes to editing and posting πŸ‘πŸ»


Posted: Kein Zeit fΓΌrn Quickie πŸ€”
. Theme: Sonnenschein / Sunshine.

2:30 pm
Kid texts it left with an earlier bus.

I leave and wait and wait and wait.
No kid, 7 busses later. πŸ€”
No phone with me it's charging at home.

4:20 pm
Kid shows up by foot. Fell asleep in the bus was on its way back to the city.
It clearly is used to the bus now. It always falls asleep as soon as a car starts driving.

5 pm
Back home.

Time to cook (bulgur and corn), we eat and discuss our day. No tv, phone,laptop, games, books, etc allowed.

The youngest has nothing to tell. Did not make any friends.....

.... one hour later....
"They say I might win a laptop, the kids told me. Some anonymous parent suggested to give one to the best student in the class. If you can have it or ..."

No inspiration to write. Better make a list with things to do on the internet for tomorrow. My connection is slow even dpoll kicks me out.

Left @certain did not post his contest yet.

18:50 pm
Prompt of the day bunch of excuses .
I heard plenty of them. Each time someone starts reciting it surprises me how many they can find plus I wonder what made them think I believe them or care about all these excuses. The more excuses the more suspicious I get....

I finished my freewrite and could post it too. 😁

@abbak is 😀).

Covered my wound.

Last post I read was @carolkean, seeing son and two weddings ahead). πŸ‘πŸ˜

9:13 pm
Bedtime (good for my back, bad for the leg).


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Comments 4

It's been a week at least since you got that cut?
Hope it gets better soon....

20.09.2019 13:25

Today it is a week.. a cut by a small plastic water can. Unbelievable. I hope it will heal sooner as the other cuts did. After that I will wear the shin protectors again.

Thank you for responding, commenting and your best wished. πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

20.09.2019 19:39

So nice to know your day πŸ˜‰ You are well organized.

20.09.2019 14:14

I hope to be organized but I think I am not. Somehow I waste a lot of time and am always running out of it. πŸ€”

20.09.2019 19:37