What does #ccc Stand for ❓What does #ccc Mean to you ❓Contest #ccc 2.04

At first the #ccc posts were difficult for me to understand.

So ccc meant chaos to me?
I find it hard to read posts with many different messages and links in it. It takes me time to understand what it is all about.

By now #ccc is a part of my life on Steem.
ccc keeps me company! I am looking forward to certain contests and stories Steemians have to share.

No matter how I feel I try to join, be there.
By now Steem is no longer a platform where I post the stories for my children but also a place where I learn and spend most of my time reading and commenting.

No matter how many times I ask, an answer is given.
@freedomshift if it comes to steemmonsters (splinterland).
Today I practised several times and I can imagine people are addicted to it. It is a good thing my connection is slow and at times down for hours (just like myself).

If you are low on SP or like to power up you need to act.
Commitment with ccc is a smart thing to do!

Yes, you can buy steem and power up, but you can also write.

Join the #ccc contests to start with.
Write what ccc means to you, what today means to you, Loo back and forward, share your favourite on Thursdays and your Emoji story on Fridays and take your chance with the Monstercard give away!

All you have to do is writing and sharing 200 words.

There is no easier way to win and each of these contest's subjects mean something to me. How about you?

_If you like to join this contest (giveaway) read here @freedomshift
the latest update <<< please click to read.`

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Estoy de acuerdo contigo. También estaba totalmente confundida con tanta información. Pero se consigue mucho apoyo acá. Sigamos adelante.

06.07.2019 00:22

Im glad that you find it fun to play the steemmonsters 😉 .. next time you need to create a post about it too @wakeupkitty 😉 you can use the splintertalk.io, use your own account or team-ccc-monster too.. share it and you'll get some new token in your steem-engine wallet later

06.07.2019 13:08

I will see if I can do that in the next days.💕

06.07.2019 18:24

There's anyways something happening on Steemit.

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07.07.2019 03:25