What about friendship?

"Write about friendship," she said, "you have to fill two pages and no big letters!"
If there's something I don't like is writing essays at school. I glared at the paper, the pen ready in my hand but my mind remained empty. There's nothing in my head. No voices this time. "Even my voices hate essays," I murmured.
The girl sitting next to me look at me in surprise.

"Mind your own work Carol", the teacher yelled from the back of the classroom, "no cheating!"

Cheating? How can one cheat, steal ideas from a blank piece of paper? The only thing printed on it was the school's name plus there was a part to fill out my name something I didn't start with yet. I don't see any point in writing down my name just to make it easier for the teacher to give me a 0. What canine without friends writes about friendship? What makes the teacher believe I have friends? If she wasn't always drinking coffee, hiding in the coffee room (teachers only) and interested in her pupils she knew which children had to do without friends, she knew most friendships weren't friendships at all.

Suddenly my head was no longer empty and all those names of those who avoided, bullied me, children and adults popped up in my mind. Line after line I filled with the names of all those boys and girls, men and women I saw but who ignored me. At the moment the teacher announced there were five minutes left I wrote my last sentence "there are so many people but not one of those I mentioned is a friend of mine." At the last minute, I wrote my name above the paper and handed it over to the teacher.  At least she couldn't say I didn't fill two pages and what I wrote was neatly written as well. My handwriting was always good for a 10.


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19.03.2021 13:17

Very interesting exercise for the freewrite. I think I'm going to start doing it too, what happens is that I'm more of a micro-story, but it still works for me.

Friendship is something very beautiful and if that really happened to you, you suffered bullying all your life and I continue to suffer from it, currently they are the people who surround me in this neighborhood, there is some other way do. And that's why I shut myself up and I don't like talking to people very much, I prefer to talk to you.

19.03.2021 13:44

Micro writing is done on Steemit a lot (a story with max 240 characters for example. It's done with a prompt too just like free writing.
You could join the free writers here and on Hive.
A daily prompt and 5 minutes writing. You can combine. It's good for the mind.

Isn't it strange how many are buried but no one is a bully? I wonder why adults behave this way. In most cases it is out of envy. They say you can handle alone. You manage on your own. What they also do not like is if they know nothing about you.
If you give them something to talk about it's over.

I gave up on my neighbours too. I tried but they are abusive and lie plus they always have issues. They drag me down and give me stress. Life without is better.

A Dutch idiom "better a good neighbour than a friend living abroad". I don't agree with that. My friends far away are kind and helpful and do me good.
I prefer to talk to you too. 💖🍀

20.03.2021 08:20

Neighbors are always a nuisance, they are seldom exceptional, and they are one in a million cases. Well at least in my experience I have been able to conclude that. And most of the people with the I have talked, they coincide on that point.

It is better to be calm and lead a peaceful life without having the stress of other people pressing or gossiping.

And it is always a pleasure to talk to you

20.03.2021 23:36