Water falls.

How to join TAKE a PIC and comment #16 with the theme "waterfalls" if you do not have a waterfall where you live?

If I think of waterfalls I think of the Krka waterfalls.
I have been there as I was a child and it was in Yugoslavia now it is Croatia. You find them in the Krka which is one of the seven national parks of Croatia.
I guess it wasn't very impressive otherwise I would have remembered it. For sure we were not standing underneath it (I am not fond of getting wet).
Did we walk behind the water? I have no idea. Perhaps a Steemian from Croatia can tell if that's possible at all. It was a touristic trip with a guide and probably boring (long bus drives and having no idea what the guide told, mainly adults.)

The reason I remember it is because of the name. I still wonder how to pronounce it.
I think it's something like kraa and that is the sound a crow makes (or any of those other blackbirds that belong to the family of screaming birds not able to sing.)

Waterfall means falling water.

This is the only falling water I have.
Our waterpump works twice a day to fill the buckets to flush the toilet, fill water cans so we have water for the wolves and the kettles for warm water for us or to make tea or to wash ourselves.

If you are out of water or power -no power here means no water either- you appreciate it more if you have it plus you waste less.

I asked the eldest for a photo but no respond, my daughter said "use the intense fountain!"

The incense fountain is fascinating but this incense stinks.
I will not use it many times. It only burns for a few minutes and this time more smoke went up in the air instead of falling down. Perhaps this incense is not good or there is some draft?

There is only a very small hole at the top.
I have no idea if I can pour water through it. πŸ€”

How come outside we call it a waterfall but if you have it at home (garden or inside) it is called differently?

If you like to join write a post with photos and leave your link. This ccc-contest is hosted by @olivia08. If you use the tag #hive-166850 and the invitation@team-ccc will give you an upvote too.

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14.01.2020 08:31

Thank you for your upvote. πŸ‘

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14.01.2020 08:33

Thank you very much. πŸ’•

14.01.2020 10:45

Very good, we upvoted and reblogged your post to thousand followers.. Thanks to approve us as witness and curator.

14.01.2020 08:40

Thank you so much. Good luck. πŸ’•

14.01.2020 10:47

Insence I hate the smell

14.01.2020 08:49

This one really stinks. they forgot to add some good smell. It smells as if something is burned. It was a present. πŸ’•

14.01.2020 10:46

Great idea! You are too smart dear

14.01.2020 09:32

Otherwise I cannot join. You have waterfalls where you live? πŸ’•

14.01.2020 10:47

In my country, we have a lot of waterfalls.

14.01.2020 13:35

Where you live now?
How about a theme like: sand of dirt? Something I can join? 😐πŸ€ͺ

15.01.2020 08:44

Next time dear, give an idea and any suggestion and it will be highly appreciated.@eakeupkitty.

15.01.2020 09:22

@olivia08 Let's do a plant or flour to please @gertu. She stresses out because she can not make many photos. We can make some artistic photography out of it. πŸ’•Posted with ![](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmbroYujK9LNd2s8zDKPUCADmseyJDuNbhwBPrrF7xM8FL/logo-comment.png)

15.01.2020 19:18

En mi paΓ­s hay cascadas y hermosas!! pero yo no tengo fotos de ellas, ahora. Cuando joven tuve muchas pero quedaron en el olvido. @wakeupkitty.

In my country there are waterfalls and beautiful! but I don't have pictures of them, now. When I was young I had many but they were forgotten. @wakeupkitty

14.01.2020 18:39

Es una pena que ya no los tengas o vivas cerca de uno. Puede usar el grifo o la ducha o una lata de agua. O deje que su hijo arroje un poco de agua de un balde. Si cae estΓ‘ bien. DeberΓ­amos tener un tema como: arena, tierra o plantas. DΓ­a feliz. Abrazos.πŸ’•

That is a pity you no longer have them or live close to one. You can use the water tap or shower or a water can. Or let your son throw some water out of a bucket. If it falls it's fine. We should have a theme like: sand, dirt or plants. Happy day. Hugs.πŸ’•

15.01.2020 08:49

Very creative!

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14.01.2020 12:41

Thank you. It is thanks to a lack of waterfalls here. πŸ’•

15.01.2020 08:44

I like the shape of your incense fountain. Yeah, I do not like the smell. I used the smokeless and odorless from japan.

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15.01.2020 05:35

I like dome incense but not this one. I think it is for sale on Wish

15.01.2020 08:50

Haha this is a very smart entry.. I was thinking of something similar. I have been hunting for a waterfall. The last time I’ve been to a waterfall was soooo long ago and phone cameras haven’t existed then.

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16.01.2020 09:01

The last one I saw was bout 40 years ago. For sure I had a camera but no photos left.

You take the shower at the swimmingpool and @gertu the water can or a bucket water.

16.01.2020 20:39

Haha.. good idea! I gave oliva08 a photo of water falling from the fountain. But I didn't have the energy to write a post about it.

20.01.2020 05:27

Hehe you are right. Thank you for the reminder @wakeupkitty! <3

25.01.2020 14:21