Watch it snow

The online auction was over. Not only the three she hoped for showed up but so did 23 others. All bored at home due to the pandemic or was it a way to mislead the seller? Each name she noted, IP address included. Most address belonged to a private person except one. It turned out to be located in the neighborhood of the police office and belonged to an internet cafe.
She stood up and stretched out. All she needed to do is waiting for the message. The buyer should contact her after the auction and after a place and time were settled up for the exchange.
A payment wasn't what she cared about unless it was the answer to her questions. Some might call her curious but it was no longer about the lost daughter or the disappeared brother. The doll turned out to be a collector's item. It was rare and the collectors fought for it. As far as she knew someone left it behind for Ben. Ben a police officer who turned out to be way more. Mr. Gordon's foster son for example which meant he might have met the other children, saw and heard things, and knew her daughter.
She switched the tv on for some distraction. The latest news didn't make her feel better. Only news about jihadis killing Christians.

"The knife is a popular weapon, " she thought, "I better watch it snow, you never know if there's a tomorrow."

Her computer beeped the message 'you got mail' light up.

"Finally. Let's see what the doll is worth sharing."


1.Memory 2. Chocolate 3. Urgent 4. Leaving 5. Life 6. Blue 7. Relief 8. Uphill 9. Justice 10. A handful 11. Charming 12. Shave 13. Gathering the pieces 14. At work 15. Revenge 16. Dumb 17. Creating space 18. Not one word 19. Strangers 20. Dark adventures 21. Traces 22. Just a slip-up? 23. Hide or die 24. Going home 25. Sharing 26. Watch your steps... 27. Find him! 28. Farm fresh 29. The emu 30. Mystified 31. Thrown outside 32. The doll 33. It's clear 34. The call 35. Wheel her in 36. Chain 37. Hard work 38. Do you like my hat? 39. Stay safe 40. Awake and aware 41. Lemongrass 42. Warrior bride 43. Bag 44. The ant 45. The phone call 46. Sweat it out 47. Fake news 48. Case closed? 49. Childcare 50. The monster house 50. Leaves are falling 51. Intrigue 52. Chainsaw 53. Tactic 54. Fantastic 55. Pattern 56. Watch out! 57. Welcome 58. The cuff 59. Stripes 60. Deal 61. The fury 62. Making you happy 63. Inspiration 64. Plan B 65. In a good way 66. Obliged

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