[Ulog] February 7, 2020 - Friday yarn!

I can't stand it.

Since I join Steem I hardly write. Yes, I publish but it's not what I mean with writing. I wrote a nonsense story What is your favourite protein? You can tell @marblely My Friday is over. My children are home, ate, we discussed the day and I am off to bed.

Published yesterday (Feb. 6, 2020)

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[Ulog] February 7, 2020 - Friday yarn!
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07.02.2020 15:16

Thank you. 💕

07.02.2020 15:43

I hate shitty internet connections..

07.02.2020 16:30

@davedickeyyall Me too but there are no other options. I tried all providers. We have no cable, no phone wires and if you live in the country they do not care (not that they cared as I lived in the capital city of the provence).
Providers do not invest and the only thing you can do is pay whatever they ask so you have at least something.

I believe our connection is our biggest stress here.

Enjoy your day and internet 💕Posted with ![](https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmbroYujK9LNd2s8zDKPUCADmseyJDuNbhwBPrrF7xM8FL/logo-comment.png)

10.02.2020 07:55