Trust me

"It's me, your friend!"

He waved at her and crossed the road. She wondered who the stranger was. Did she know him? It was hard to tell. She always had had a bad memory if it came to recognizing faces. She closed her eyes for a second. The voice didn't ring a bell.

"How are you doing? I was waiting for you."

He was? She looked closer at the face and was sure she never met him before. Did a stranger wait for her, follow her? She looked over her shoulder but the street was empty.
He stood in front of her and clearly had no intention to leave. It felt kind of creepy.
He smiled and the smile didn't make her feel safer.

"I am in a hurry, do you mind..."

She tried to pass by but he didn't let her. He kept smiling at her as if they had known each other for a long time.
Her hand searched in her pocket for her cellphone, the button that would activate the emergency number.

"You can trust me, my friend. I can walk you home."

He tried to pull the bag out of her hand. Paralyzed by fear she gazed at the teeth in his wide-open mouth. They looked like the ones of a shark, ready to rip her into pieces. His voice sounded weird as her knee landed between his legs, the knife fell and she fled for her life.

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