### I'm watching the Netflix series 'Trapped'. If it comes to Netflix I can not watch fims or series online. I download them if I have or find a better connection and watch them if I have nothing to do (which is rare) or am tired of the work I need to do. As I woke up, stepped out of bed that voice was there again. It always says the same sentence. I hear it and try to ignore it. There's no point in giving in to it. At times I trick myself by telling me _if you get out now you can go back to bed later_. It never works out, I never go back to bed. Once I started the day no matter how early it is I keep running. There are so many things to do I have no time to give in, no time to waste. So what I do is kicking myself (someone needs to do it) and make a start with all those things that do not fulfil me. **I started with an episode of 'Trapped'** The series is an Icelandic production and we are in a village in Iceland where 3 police officers try to figure out who killed, and cut into pieces, the man (torso) found in the sea. Andri is head of the local police and has two daughters, his wife left but returns with a new partner. A ferry from Danmark has to stay in the harbor because of the corpse and there are a lot of 'coincidences' from that moment on. Killers return, a shed set at fire, the mayor turns out to be more than a wife molester and rapists, and the ice, weather circumstances doesn't make it easy to find killers and what exactly is going on on the ferry. Trapped the village is because the roads are closed. Trapped the passengers on the ferry feel because they have to wait till the moment the crime is solved and trapped the man in the wheelchair might feel who's only contact with the outside world is by watching the villagers (in their houses). ![]()
_My boy was happy to see me outside but hates the mower. Too much noise._ ## Trapped It's how I feel in a way although my life didn't really change from the moment on an epidemic was announced. I can go outside, no one will stop me. What I can't is go abroad. Iceland isn't my kind of land. Too much snow, ice, storms, it's all I am watching... cold. The weather is finally getting better which means I feel better, start feeling better although the dizziness remains. We are discussing the need to be vaccinated although we haven't even catched a cold as long as we remember. There's no free choice if it comes to the vaccine, no guarantee and if it goes wrong it's on my account because the pharmaceutical industry says they had to develop it in a hurry and I should have known better.. ![]()

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12.05.2021 12:47

no guarantee

I am pretty scared too.

Hey, I've seen a short documentary about Iceland explaining how it is the very top of a completely sunken continent. It was fascinating. I've also seen another one about how the towns are being unpopulated. Are you in one of those ever-shrinking villages?

13.05.2021 21:55

I don't live in Iceland but on the country. The nearest village is 10 kilometres away. To get anywhere takes time. I don't think the village is shrinking. They renovate (tourists), shops come, some go but it's not a ghost town or so.

14.05.2021 06:57

Como se llama tu hijo perruno... me encata parece un cruce de Lobo.... adoro los perros.... tengo un hijo perruno llamado Zeus, a el le asusta también el ruido de la aspiradora...

Bueno ellos tienen mejor audición que nosotros por eso le afectan.

16.05.2021 15:36

Los míos son lobos de verdad. Elijo el pan porque es fuerte. Este su nombre es 'Baldr' llamado así por un dios. Tengo otros dioses aquí. 'Thor' and 'Esuh'. Great you have 'Zeus' 😁

17.05.2021 05:49