Thrown outside

After she had thrown him out he was no longer in the mood for work. He had tried, tried hard and the only thing she had done was lying and telling him he didn't care, he should be outside to search for that brother of hers. Her brother and her child. Although Ben was still at work he had left as fast as he could, not even exchanged the latest news with him. It was time to relax. She could blame him but it was not his fault everyone involved to her seemed to disappear.
What if that dirty, old officer was right? What if the whole story was made up? Jim just left and didn't return yet? She told him herself he left because he had something to do. That something was clearly way more important than supervising the gardeners and having a look at the decoration of his girl's bedroom.

He parked his car in front of the "Silver Fish" and took place on the barstool at the end. He needed time to think the whole story over. From no case, he suddenly was dragged into two cases which both had to do with her. A woman that had abandoned her child, let her brother take care of it, and disappeared for nearly two decades. What kind of mother was she? Where had she been, what had she done, and with whom had she spent time during all those years? Who, why, where, whom, and why we're the questions he should find the answer to. He ordered a second glass of beer and a third one and observed the visitors. Most of them came alone and clearly wanted to be left alone. Life was good, life was fine just like the beer he drank.
As his phone beeped in his pocket he pushed it out without checking who it was. It was long past working hours tomorrow was early enough to start a new file. One with facts only. He lifted his hand and ordered for another beer.


  1. Memory
  2. Chocolate
  3. Urgent
  4. Leaving
  5. Life
  6. Blue
  7. Relief
  8. Uphill
  9. Justice
  10. A handful
  11. Charming
  12. Shave
  13. Gathering the pieces
  14. At work
  15. Revenge
  16. Dumb
  17. Creating space
  18. Not one word
  19. Strangers
  20. Dark adventures
  21. Traces
  22. Just a slip-up?
  23. Hide or die
  24. Going home
  25. Sharing
  26. Watch your steps...
  27. Find him!
  28. Farm fresh
  29. The emu
  30. Mystified


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Prompts used: for the bar stool.


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