Thoughtful Tuesday - Sept. 17, 2019


3 am
Leg hurts terrible cannot sleep

4:09 am
First post of 'my feeds' I read (entry what does CCC mean to you) is @my job the fisherman's
catching sandfleas, carrying sandfleas, and cooking sandfleas..

4:56 am
I do not know what to think about these kind of messages.. I assume it pays. Is this good content?

Tea time.

Posted via @appics. Again the photo doesn't show in @partiko. It does in Reason? Left a question via "shaking my phone." Never had it answered.

5:27 am
Time to leave.

It rained in town.

6:15 am
Out with Xiâo she is not in the mood.


The brown, died sunflowers are gone. The weeds are still there.


Some large mushrooms aside the road. If they are edible ("everything is edible, at least once", my youngest would remark) I had a great meal. It is more as the mushrooms I bought.

Back home. Fed the wolves. The little one was partly strangled in the bushes. Must be her favourite spot. 🤔 Better check the fence.

6:55 am
I had a look at Read some posts plus left an answer, voted on some. The great thing about is you earn with views and forever so not only for 7 weeks and you can be found via google. Negative: as a mobile user I cannot fill out my own tags.

I tried to translate and post 'The mop'. If I use WordPress it saved me time and editing in a difficult way ( is user unfriendly for mobile users). I edit in WordPress add a picture and copy-paste it into Had to restart twice ☹. You can not switch sites any longer without saving first.

I lost a lot of time. Time is important if you do not have a steady connection.

The annoying flies are back. No idea where they hide. I kill one and the next shows up.

9:30 am
@redheadpei wrote a catching entry for the contest

Read and answered the comments/replies.

@owasco is the one with the naural health tips and wrote
Wow! You get an awful lot done despite the obstacles.
If you have some raw honey, it might help your leg heal. Just smear a little on there.

I am allergic too honey so will not buy and try it. The bee keeper lives around the corner. As I was a child they told me to put some earth/mud on it. It should be some farmer's trick. I did not try that either.
If it bleeds it cleans the wound. What I suffer from is mainly nerve pain. My nerves are messed up since the past 16 years.
(No, I won't let my wolves lick on it.)

I kill every fly that tries to come closer and lands on me. No matter how bad my eyes are I see flies (and ants) from a long distance.

Read here Three important things about the ecovillage. Who is next?

11:10 am
I take a break to wipe floors, clean up, make some tea.

I believe they, whoever they may be, are shooting again. It is grey outside but I am happy the youngest went by bike. So much more time.

11:00 am
Wiped floors.

Ate some mushrooms.

Spoiled tea over the floor. New tea.

Read replies on Weku.
I want to use my own title, no matter if I join a contest or just for fun. I have to leave my link, use the right tag what is all that extra work for if they search by title? In this case I did not join a contest, there is nothing to win plus I thought the one who once started with it gave up months ago.

12:00 / noon
Wrote German freewrite and posted it. Prompt nacktes baby Ich lade Dich ein
Editing took me long plus the photo.

Posting a nacked baby is no longer done. Times have changed.

1:40 pm
Read @deemarshall her Artstorm Contest # 94 Day 2 - 'Creepy Crawly' Week - Theme Today - Slugs and Snails..
This theme brings good memories to a children's book I bought years ago named "Slibber en Slijm".

Yes, it is a translation of the Slimy book written by Babette Cole.
This English writer and illustrator created more than 150 picture books.
I still know a part of the Slimy book by head, think my eldest too. Same with the book Hair in funny places.


Toad and Goat translated and posted on I had to try 3 times. As soon as loaded a header the whole post was empty, text, tags, etc. gone.

I walk + think about what to write and draw.

3:14 pm
Busstation time.
Idiots on the road, crazy drivers without breaks.

Xiâo looked whole day depressed.

Started cooking (carrots/onions)

4 pm
Back home.

Liver for 3 wolves.

5:00 pm
Making meatloaf.


Posted on @appics the strange apple. I really like to know what caused it looks. It reminds me of those "glassy" potatoes. I rarely eat them. I peeled too many potatoes as a kid.

6 pm
We had dinner and shared our day.

Kid needs a dark green t-shirt for a dance of 22 seconds at school. No, I am not going to search in shops for and buy one.

Comment @artemislives
Go and check out @eco-alex's incredible posts and work about earthships. You CAN be warm, comfortable and have the luxuries of a warm bath etc for a TINY amount of money. Promise you will be amazed. :)
Click Here To Join the manually curated trail "@artemislives" to support quality eco-green content.

8 pm
Posted my actifit, my freewrite entry to @mariannewest her daily 5 minute freewrite with the prompt naked baby and the Artstorm contest #94 in one. May creativity survive above rules plus I am tired. Naked baby


Answerered replies via notifications of @partiko directly do NOT appear!

Wrote all my comments/replies for nothing. 😭

The washing machine is finished and after that it's bedtime. 😁

It was quiet a good day if it comes to my internet connection.


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