The sign

He was noodling at his guitar as both police officers showed up. There was no need to show them what happened. The emu with the cut off the head was still where it was placed by its killer and so was the chocolate wrap.
The men nodded at each other from a distance.

"That smells", Fidelo said. He made some notes took photos of the dead bird.

"Is it a message?"

"If so not for me. I have nothing with emus. The only one who can tell us is the one who did it. That couple doesn't seem to know anything.
More photos we're made of the front door and carefully he took the wrap from the door.

"Let's say this is evidence. Should we examen the bird?"

"I doubt something is hidden inside, the cut-off head seems to be the main message. A " you-better-keep-your-mouth-shut-one" if you ask me", Ben said.

"Sir, I have some questions are you willing to answer them?"

The man at the veranda nodded.

"You know someone keeping these birds?"

He shook his head.

"Are you ever threatened, you have enemies?"

Another shake of his head.

"Since how many days the lady lives with you?"


"Three only", Ben replied as he noted the answers given. "Three and someone already traced her and threatens her? What did she do?"

"You want us to take care of the emu", Fidelo asked. Vultures circled above his head. "We took photos and it's better to remove it before it attracts more vultures and the coyotes."

"No, thanks. It's a sign."

As they drove away Ben looked over his shoulder and saw the man studying the emu. They drove in silence. As Fidelo dropped him at home he knew the man was right. It was a sign, a clear sign, but given to the wrong person. The daughter was mixed up with her mother. It was Magda who should watch her steps, keep her mouth shut. After he had bought some food at the restaurant at the corner he would discuss it with Jim. Who knows what he knew, besides the man deserved some answers after all these years.



  1. Memory
  2. Chocolate
  3. Urgent
  4. Leaving
  5. Life
  6. Blue
  7. Relief
  8. Uphill
  9. Justice
  10. A handful
  11. Charming
  12. Shave
  13. Gathering the pieces
  14. At work
  15. Revenge
  16. Dumb
  17. Creating space
  18. Not one word
  19. Strangers
  20. Dark adventures
  21. Traces
  22. Just a slip-up?
  23. Hide or die
  24. Going home
  25. Sharing
  26. Watch your steps...
  27. Find him!
  28. Farm fresh
  29. The emu
  30. Mystified
  31. Thrown outside
  32. The doll
  33. It's clear
  34. The call
  35. Wheel her in
  36. Chain
  37. Hard work
  38. Do you like my hat?
  39. Stay safe
  40. Awake and aware
  41. Lemongrass
  42. Warrior bride
  43. Bag
  44. [The ant](45. The phone call45. The phone call

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