The saving app or next leper

The Dutch government wants us to use an app.

Or should I say the app? The app already used in some Asian countries and #Austria. The app that tells you who the leper is and who not so you can avoid these people and take a different road to the shop on these rare occasions you are allowed to set a foot outside. 
If they give you a free smartphone as well I don't know. I assume the poor bastard has the right too to "protect" himself or is this the next generation the Dutch government tries to get rid of after the 70+ and the overweight people who fill 80% of the hospital beds? 

I wonder...
Yes, I wonder and most of all why most people don't care. It might be because they do not have #Covid19 but what you don't have today you can have tomorrow. Covid is just a cough away or a "dirty" beker out of your reach. 
How come people don't care? How come all those unhealthy, way overweighted people who drink, smoke, live from trans fat and palm fat, sit next to the microwave and sleep with their phone suddenly care about their health if it comes to this media-madness-disease?

There isn't much needed to rule the world.

Fear is the way and it works. With this app you give governments all tools in hand to know where you live and go, who you meet and speak to, the GPS of your phone is used, so is your google account, your bank account,  WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. With one single click they know if you are a (potential) enemy of the state. 

If a chemical organization like #DSM promotes a "health care app" instead of the center of healthcare you should be alarmed.
I doubt this app can register Covid19 since even common tests cannot do it and if not so fast while walking on the street but what it can register is all your personal info. How cool is that? 

This app uses a databank.
Other people are registered and soon you will be too. Perhaps because you passed by someone who had it. You will be in that databank without anyone telling you. You will be the #leper because that app can't tell if you are ill or not or just recovered. You will wear the Covid-star on you forever thanks to... 
To whom exactly? One thing is clear, although there's a lot unsure about this man-made virus that turns out to be several Corona diseases in one, it is the perfect treatment to break freedom, freedom of speech, get rid of the enemies and make one emperor over the world possible (aren't you curious why the leaders of the world already in October 2019 discussed how to act during a #pandemic?)

By the way... If you truly believe we have a lockdown in #Europe you are wrong. Migrants aka refugees are allowed to travel and they are not tested, apparent,ly no threat to the health of others which should make one think twice and asked oneself which game is played or better how fast #Kallergi his plan can finally be expanded.

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Well said, a lot of peoples lifestyle that people sick but they have no fear. Anyway, there are a lot of things to realize about this pandemic. This is a wake up call to everyone.

10.04.2020 03:28