The price you pay for (down)voting after HF21 and HF22

Two days after HF21 was realized HF22 showed up.
If you use @Partiko you will not read the notification @steemitblog posted about both forks.

Till today @Partiko is not working. The notifications are not showing and posts are shown 10-30 minutes later. The only thing you can use it, for now, is posting.

It is complicated.

Yes, you can still earn but there are a lot of exceptions. I asked many where to find the list with exceptions but no answer.

It is clear the steemit team (@steemblog) will never answer neither do the writers (big fish) who seem to know it all.

Is it a secret how Steemit operates about the screens?

So far so good.

  1. You have to vote, do not let your vote get lost! Even if your vote is worth zero, vote! If you o you leave less power to the big fish.
  2. Do not vote on posts who are just posted. Vote on the 5th minute or later if you and the writer will earn nothing.
  3. Do not vote on bad content. A picture only, a few lines, a link. Good content is at least 200 words (exceptions can be art, poetry, short stories, etc) and it is informative, interesting a good read, a story. Something that people will find nice or interesting to read in 5 years too.

Help to make a post reach 20 Steem. Vote on a post not a comment!


  • If you vote on a post that is close to its payout (last 12 hours before its payout) your vote is only worth half its value!

Is your vote worth anything?

It is hard to tell. As you can read there are many reasons why it is not.

"The value of your vote depends on the crowd, how the crowd is voting"

This is questionable.
Is it the crowd (which is the number of voters) or the amount that counts?
That is a huge difference!
The crowd means 300 votes and it does not matter if these voters are worth 0.
If it comes to the amount the (self)vote of 1 whale

You need to downvote.

This is a dangerous thing.
If you are a nobody you can downvote (it is free) on bad content. The kind of Twitter messages, statistics, and good morning world posts.

If you are a big whale you can downvote and stalk and break anyone since you are untouchable.

But what if you work hard?
Post quality content, type your fingers off? If you always read before you comment and after that decide if the content is worth your vote?
You take the risk to bump into the wrong person and all your work and earnings are gone.

Personally, I do believe it is a good thing if Steemit will improve and change. If it will change into that site on the blockchain with good content it claims to be.
To make that happen we all have to invest in it and take risks. We all mean the users mainly small fish. Steemit will not take those risks they have the benefits (no payouts is earning).

At this moment I comment and only tell if a post is according to me not good content. People need to get a chance to edit a post or grow into writing.

Note* To Steemit each post earning 20 STEEM is good and as we all know this amount can easily be made by self voting by a big fish or buying votes.

If you want to grow faster set your payouts at 100% upvote and join contests!

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I refrain from using @Partiko for now.
They havent issued any updates to the mobile apps. 🤔

01.09.2019 07:15

It is a mess indeed. My only way to figure out if someone left a comment is visiting my blogs one by one and using (there are some bugs in there too but at least I can see the replies although the site is hard to load but easier as the other apps.).

Happy Sunday.

Ps are you downvoting yet?

01.09.2019 08:08

Haven’t tried it yet.
Why asking?

01.09.2019 10:21

Because I read posts about it everywhere where is also said it is not only good for Steemit, the platform but also the price of Steem.

01.09.2019 15:12

I use partiko to comment but have to use another front end to get notifications. @partiko is abandoned and not running the current version of steem... It's complicated yes, I tried esteem but it was basically crashed for too long for me to care to try again as its pretty low quality and takes 10% as a beneficiary lol.. What a joke!

Not a, single functioning mobile front end but nobody cares..

Posted using Partiko Android

01.09.2019 08:10

I think it says enough about the priorities and the blockchain is not prepared for the future. ☹💕

01.09.2019 10:50