The mop

If you are always down like me,
Your job is boring at times scaring,
dirt and monsters are all you see
There is no need for caring.

They mentioned my hair is a mess
I should better clean, take care
believe me they would care less
If I had a hat with band to wear.

Imagine what I look and how
if dressed up with fancy accessory.
You get the picture now?
You wouldn't recognize anonymous me.

If you think I am a dirty clown
and you can fool with, spit on me
I warn you I can drag you down
and wipe you out easily!

A mop like this we call A Spanish mop

This is my entry for the daily freewrite with @mariannewest on I used the prompt hat band. To be honest it is the first time I hear about it. I assume it is a band or ribbon around a hat?

If it comes to the prompts given it can be anything if you are not a native speaker, suffer from a slow connection and even google translate let's you down.

There was a time I wear hats but I never had a hat band. There was a time I wear long skirts and dresses only too. It all seems so long ago. Now I wear what I don't like, what does not fit me just because of the countrylife.

**This ia also a test. I noticed that if I post on steemcoinpan it automatically shows on steemit too. I wonder how about the other tribes palnet, etc if I use that tag. Anice thing about #sct (steemcoinpan) is they show your latest posts underneath your newest and advice which tags to use!_

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another googly mop... awesome... can't advise to wear a hat either, they have such lovely facial hair :D

and indeed...ALL tribes use the steem blockchain for their posts... so naturally you can see ALL these posts on steem... it's only the tribes themselves that filter for their tag.

steem itself will only use the first 5 tags for indexing... so it is advised to use the tribe tags last. If the #googlyeyes tag was one further back, I wouldn't have found this post on steem.

13.09.2019 09:53

I noticed that if the tags of tribes are further back it is not posted in that tribe. So at most I can use 2 or three tribes. It depends on the tribe you use how many tags you need and have to use. I think it is better to post directly in sct they ask for 3 tags.
I don't think your post will automatically show up in every tribe existing. That would result in posts at the wrong place with the result you get flagged for it.

I would like to see the other mop but cannot load pictures, even mine are just grey spots or nothing is shown.

Thanks for stopping by, answering my questions. I wish you a great day 💕

13.09.2019 10:04

He is so mopey :D

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14.09.2019 09:27

Thank you 💕

14.09.2019 15:36