The greatness of staying home

I like staying at home.

Most of all I like staying at home alone. It's hard to do so if you have children. I consider myself lucky with my children. They like to stay at home too. All the travels I made with them were a waste of time and money. I did it for me, not for them. They don't care, do not feel the need to see the world, not even on tv or the internet. Perhaps they have seen enough? I dragged them around with me all over the world. They never complained about it but they don't feel the desire or urge to do so. It isn't eating them to stay home. They feel comfortable between their own stuff with a regular life, if no one pushes them.

source I wonder if she sleeps comfortable this way. If people touch you it's hard to rest for real.

My favourite part of staying home?

It is if I am left alone. If I can do what I like without a rush being pushed. I have no longer a specific hobby I invest hours a day in. I no longer study. I do not see the point in it. Might be it's the result of getting older or I simply stopped caring about doing better. I have gathered enough life experience and know a career, success, money can be gone from one moment to the next and you need more, way more as a job to feel great about what you succeeded during your life.
The only thing I want is time for me. Finally, time for me mainly to sleep. To catch all the sleep I lacked during my entire life. It's good for at least 150 years.

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