The end


If you know me you know I am not fond of it. For months I am surrounded by mud and it's no fun if you have to fight with it on a daily base, fight against it
They say mud is good for the skin but I have strong doubts about it unless you are a pig. It might scare some insects away although the mud over here will probably attract them. Mud and sheep shit is a bad combination.
Besides the struggle walking through it, it causes a lot of extra cleaning work and laundry. Laundry is hard to dry during muddy days since muddy days are rainy days. They go hand in hand.

It's good during a lockdown to live in the country but with sheep's around and stable flies literally ripping your skin off your bones it's no fun. There's no way you can sit outside during summer or at night (not forget to mention the smell).

Mud and walking many months a year and not being able to outside mean I am gardening for no reason. To be honest I believe my time here is up. I am looking forward to my kids having their driver's license, finally finished their school so we, at least me, can leave.

I am too old for mud struggling, wrestling, sitting in the cold, my time here nearly came to an end.

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