The bridge


You find them everywhere and in most cases you are not even aware you are driving over one.

This is one of them and I use it 8 times a day.
You don't believe me it's a bridge? Let's have a look underneath it.

This is what you see.
Hardly any water and it doesn't look like as if it ever been more.

There are several bridges like these.
Again no water flowing. The water rats have a hard time here and if you like fishing you can forget about it.

No, no water under the bridge.
I wonder how many years ago it was water ran here.
Hard to believe it once was a swamp here.

You can walk or drive over these bridges with one car.

Some people have a bridge to the entry of their house but I wasn't able to make a photo. It was already too dark outside.

High bridges we don't have here and the ones on the highway or crossing a river at least 100 kilometer driving. In most cases you are not allowed to step out of your car and make a photo of it.

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Thank you for the tip 💕

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23.01.2020 04:35

Thank you souch for joining once again dear @wakeupkitty.
Maybe your place has no rain not like in my country Philippines.

24.01.2020 14:36

There are peiods of plenty of rain and my garden is mud only and so is the landroad but it does not go into those digs/canals.

My waterpump.drowned twice in the past years, same with all neighbours. Drowned or frozen.
I think they take the water away. We even are surrounded by a river.
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26.01.2020 05:56

Good information my dear, every place has its own story.

26.01.2020 07:49

@olivia08 Just like the bridges. Ask yourself how many people build them through the ages..❤️Posted with ![](

28.01.2020 04:31