Thanks for the downvote /Danke fürs downvoten👍

You believe people downvote because of plagiarism?

Because you used someone else's picture? Within 24 hours Steemit is famous about it's downvoting war against people here. All together picking on the same person.

I write and wrote all content myself and always use my own pictures or mention it's source.

If you think you can downvote someone anonymous you are wrong. I know who you are!

You like to know what my highest score of downvotes are?

On my freewrites in English and German. The freewrites that only have one thing in common and that is the given prompt.
Interesting fact some people do not like that I write I do not like the prompt, I find it boring.

What does downvoting of my freewrites mean?

  • The downvoters started a war against me?
  • The downvoters are too stupid to see all freewriters use the same prompts?
  • The downvoters are too stupid to find out that I write and post on other sites as well?
  • The downvoters just downvote to downvote?

It is hard to believe that people who seldom leave a comment do invest time in searching for plagiarism.

Let me make one thing clear.

  • I own what I write not Steemit inc or any community or Steemian.
  • All rights are mine. I have the right and decide if I want to post and save my content somewhere else too.

The dark side of Steemit shows itself within 24 hours. Yes, this is my own picture and the text is mine as well. Looking for a downvote? You can count on me!👍💕

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Comments 4

I wouldn't worry too much. One of your downvotes was from a newbie with no power who probably has no clue what he's doing and the other one seems to have been a mistake as the voter reversed the downvote and upvoted you instead.

29.08.2019 20:55

Perhaps you are right and it is a coincedence my freewrites have that high score in the past year. To be honest I think about stopping with it. Especially because it is done with 2 personal stories.

29.08.2019 21:21

It does suck being downvoted and not knowing what you did so you have to guess the person has a beef with you.

30.08.2019 18:29

It is indeed. Might be these are all mistakes but people should also know they are known and I really hope it won't start in a downvote war. You downvoted me so now I downvote you twice or for the next twenty posts.

But what I am interested in more is why my freewrites have such a high score. The downvote is meant to fight plagiarism but used for everything except that.

31.08.2019 11:02