Targets set for 2020

I will join the monthly achievement contest.

It's hosted by @davidke20 and I mentioned it earlier. The idea is to set goals and share the results every first week of the month in 2020.

I have a scheduled life so how hard can it be to get what I want, uh... need?

It's all about the money!

With one exception.

If you think money is not important and it's better to be poor and healthy as rich and...
You are so wrong!
I am poor and not healthy, far from wealthy.
My biggest worry is the moment I crash and my children can not take care of themselves yet. We have no family or friends so it is just us.

I schedule and save in small and bigger boxes for every step we take. It is like @gertu and running out of time.)._
I worked 60-80 hours a week next to my own business. For many years I never build a pension simply because it was not common to give it to women who work part-time. My retirement is good for one French fries a year!

2. The car account.

Needed: 1500 euro.
Let's hope I have two more years to save.)
I will need a better one sooner or later. The moment will arrive I need something else. I drive a Renault Clio, ten years old. It is not suitable for cripple me or the landlords so this car has a hard life and is damaged easily. Because it costs me way fewer road taxes and insurances I got rid of my bigger, better car. We fit in getting from A to B and that is what counts most now.

3. My visa account.

Needed: 1200 euro.
I have no debt but I need to increase the credit.
Poor bastards like me no longer get a credit card in the Netherlands. If I use it I need to pay the whole amount I used within one month.
The visa card is my safety belt in cases of need. Need is a broken car, gasoline, etc.
No worries I am not a shopaholic.
... and as a bonus...

4. Grow/double my Steem SP.

Needed: 2392 SP.
At this moment my SP = 2216
I intend to double it. How? By powering up with 46 Steem a week. I need to earn them and if I cannot earn them I have to find another way to do so. It is not my intention to be a whale but I like to give a higher upvote. Let's say my end target is 4500 SP.
... and...

5. Losing more weight.

Wanted: 61 kgs
(not to lose but to weight).
This will be a very hard one. I used prednisone for my entire life, I hardly eat and losing weight means >500 kcal/day and max 7 carbohydrates/day.


My plan.

It is simple. Since I can no longer work and my two youngest are too young, visit the school and are therefore not allowed to work

I pay myself first.😁

Actually, I already practiced that and that is the reason why my bank account is always empty and... I only need my debit card once a month.
I have many different money boxes says 16 hours not eating helps, more and more people claim they can live without food and breathing only keeps them alive and does them good.
The only way to save for me is not to spend. If I do not buy food (and meds) I can eat less and will lose weight (although pills fill the stomach too). 🍺

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28.12.2019 06:40

Thank you for the update. I appreciate it. 👍🏻

28.12.2019 08:00

This is a good idea for a wise person. I appreciate your budget proposal and people will know how to do it too. May you have a blessed day ahead all throughout the year.@wakeupkitty.

28.12.2019 07:51

You can join this contest too. Set your own target(s). You can mention savings too and growing on Steem or make a goal out of something you look forward too or posting daily or 50 times a month. You might be noticed by many people and it can benefit you plus you can earn with this too.

First step:

  1. Set your targets
  2. See how you achieve it/write down your plan.
  3. Use the tag #hasil2020

From 2020 you publish an update.

I would like to see you join. It is good to do something for you! 💕

28.12.2019 07:59

Te deseo éxito en esta nueva disciplina que iniciaras. Yo no estoy segura de querer iniciar una agenda con objetivos. No tengo una situación económica estable y tengo que salir con frecuencia de mis pasos programados.
Es un nuevo año y trataré de seguir creciendo para obtener mejoras para mi hijo. Veré los cambios en el camino.

I wish you success in this new discipline that you will initiate. I am not sure I want to start an agenda with objectives. I don't have a stable economic situation and I have to get out of my scheduled steps frequently.
It's a new year and I will try to keep growing to get improvements for my son. I will see the changes along the way.

28.12.2019 20:53

Puedes establecer tus propios objetivos. No tiene nada que ver con una economía estable. Puedes decir que hornearás más galletas, no tomarás plantas adicionales, irás a pie, caminarás 5 millas al día, todo es posible.

You can set your own targets. It has nothing to do with a stable economic. You can say you will bake more cookies, take no extra plants, going to travel by foot, walk 5 miles a day, everything is possible.

29.12.2019 12:55

An upvote for you as a thank you for using Commentcoin

29.12.2019 00:59

Thank you

29.12.2019 12:59

This is by far, the most planned resolution. Very well organized and clear. What we need now, is how to get there. Not much I can do for you, other then keep upvoting you with a fraction of my vote, I can subscribe you just like @olivia08 since my upvote worth absolutely too little. !subscribe

29.12.2019 11:31

✔ Hi @davidke20, you have just subscribed to @wakeupkitty!
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29.12.2019 11:31

Thank you for letting me know

29.12.2019 12:59

That's the best of you. If everyone will do help each other, this will be the best place to live forever @davidke20.

29.12.2019 12:37

Thank you for your kind words/support. 💕

29.12.2019 12:59

Yes, you are such a wonder woman!

29.12.2019 13:00

I am grateful with every little bit of help. It is something I need to do on my own for me and some pressure will help so do encouraging words. I think losing weight will be hard. The meds are good for 0.5-1 it a day even if I do not eat. I need to beat that.
Thank you for stopping by and the subscribe.
Happy 2020. 💕

29.12.2019 12:58

Wait. Do I read it correctly? You're also on the verge of losing weight? Correct? Or you wanted to gain up to 61?

29.12.2019 13:14

@davidke20 No I want to loose weight. Not quit go back to my old weight which was 56.5 kg as I was pregnant. With 61 I will satisfied. I will work on that harder in 2020 hopefully without more prednisone the last week I needed to take them again. ❤️Posted with ![](

30.12.2019 19:02

From what I read, it's a sort of medication steroid. Me stopped all my medication since 2013, including blood pressure pill 😂 Decided if stopping medication would kill me, so be it. And I lived better than ever. However, eating healthily and balance diet was the pain in the butt, which is why recently I gain weight instead of losing it. Anyway, rebooting in 2 days!

30.12.2019 23:43

@davidke20 I quit with most meds years ago. I live as healthy as possible but that won't stop me/my body from dying and I am getting more and more dehydrated. From one comes another.

The new year started so lets kill the calories, say no to carbs and reach our goals. Happy day. ❤️Posted with ![](

01.01.2020 12:36

You are off to a great start! @wakeupkitty
By establishing your goals, you took the first steps at making yourself accountable. Hopefully no major setbacks will arise.

You are a stronger woman than you give yourself credit for and a good person. I wish you good fortune, health, happiness, and all the best in 2020! 🎊

Hope this helps!💫

29.12.2019 11:41

Thank you for stopping by and your encouraging wordd. I appreciate it and already started. All the best for you in 2020 too. 😍

29.12.2019 13:01

I bless you with prosperity and life according to the word of the Most High. Happy hindsight 2020, you'll look back at this year and marvel.

30.12.2019 23:53

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01.01.2020 09:25

And me😅 #steem are from my pocket yo

01.01.2020 14:56

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01.01.2020 14:40

Very well thought-of plan to attain your goal. I love that! I would also love to do something like this, so I can set my goals and take a look at them if I attained it or not.

Thank you for tagging me along as well @wakeupkitty. 😊

08.01.2020 10:59

@gingbabida Simply join. Write the post and an update 12x in 2020 or or weekly. I will do it each week to stay focussed. Let me know if you published. Together we grow here except for our weight. 😁👍💕Posted with ![](

09.01.2020 07:27

I already published one @wakeupkitty. I have also tagged you. But in case you missed it out, here's the link.

Thanks Kitty. 😉

09.01.2020 07:31