We no longer have a dining table.

It's still there but as the moment came the youngest needed a bedroom of its own we had to make sacrifices.
The youngest moved to our small living, the dining table moved to the bedroom where once the bed stood and our new living became our small dining room which is more like a hallway. It's the same with our kitchen. There's room to walk through or drive through with a wheelchair but you cannot turn it around.
Our new living has no sofa only 3 small chairs and a small oak table. The table I bought second hand with two chairs about 20 years ago. It's too high for a coffeetable but that doesn't matter. The last time I had a coffeetable was at least 25 years ago too. It's just an extra piece of furniture that's always in the way, hard to clean and things only pile up on it plus I do not want people to put their feet on my table.

My kid uses the table for the schoolbooks needed today, we drink our tea here and eat at the same table. Because it's high we can sit at it which we did during Easter breakfast but in most cases it's holding your plate. If it comes to it I miss dining together as a family. Gathering around the table but we still talk, discuss the day or what keeps us busy, during the meal.

A freewrite is good for the mood. Join the freewriters and have a look at @mariannewest for the daily prompt. describe your table was Tuesday's prompt.


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