T-mobile lies and more.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

4 am
Time to get out of bed.

5 am
Tea with the bus-kid.
The youngest said it goes by bike to school. School starts at 7 am today.

5:20 am
We leave it is raining. The youngest has to get dressed fast and drive with us.
I grab the teapot and bekers on my way out.

6 am
We drive to school and wait over there. Killing time in the car, drinking tea. The connection is very bad. Answered an email and tried to write a few lines for today.

7 am
On my way home.
Unpacking, doing the dishes of the past days.

Drinking tea and water.

7:58 am
Posted Long day.

I have the slowest connection on earth and will ask T-mobile today again why they cut me down! I know it is not my phone that rejects them suddenly like they stated.

I went out with the wolves. It is good to see them happy. Life in rain and mud is no fun.

10:59 am
I need 250 words more to finish today's NaNoWriMo. Some of their back hurts if they sit behind their desktop. My neck hurts and a painful neck makes me dizzy and qualmish if I write too long on my mobile phone.

Time to feed the wolves. I feel stuffed today.

...I cannot tell you more about this day.
I guess it was like one of these usual days...

1 pm
I had to pick up the youngest out of school.

We went to the T-mobile shop again.
They made me believe my phone is broke and I had to repair it. According to this lady that was the reason why my phone did not accept their simcard from one moment to the next?
Really? How stupid does she think I am?
Last night I tried the simcard in 3 other phones. This makes 4 phones. Guess what? No internet. Two phones made us (the kids) believe there is a connection but it is so damned slow I cannot even send a whatsapp text.

I took 3 phones with me.
It was crowdy and the lady who told me yesterday my phone was broke already felt terrible as she saw me showing up again. I told her how I tested the simcard and came to the conclusion they refuse to give internet to me, they are the ones who slowed me down on purpose!

She sighted, sighted again. Tried the simcard in one of their phones and sighted again. Next she called customer service.
Next step calling customer service with my phone choose 1 etc etc... typing in my account on her computer. She called a few times more. Next customer service with her own phone. More typing in my account.
She asked if she could try my simcard in one of the other phones and declared happily it works in this one and she increased the speed of my connection.
What a sneaky person and company,I knew she they slowed me down. Did she really think I would buy her lies and send my phone away to let it repair?

I told her if it worked in that phone it was fine too but I would go to an other profider. She shrugged and put the simcard back in my phone. Guess what? It worked in my phone too. How come she did not just try it in mine? This is sneaky behaviour little kids do and they hope you are too stupid to find out what they did.

This all cost me 4 days of stress and 2 GB (it experises after 30 or 7 days) but hey they gave me a bonus of 50 mb. Yes, you read it right 50 MB. How generous of them.

Back home I made pancakes with cheese so the children are happy but I didn't eat it. I guess I ate something but I cannot remember it.

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Thank you @council 👍

09.11.2019 20:27

Pensé que esa situación solo ocurre en mi país. Siempre hay personas que tratan de conseguir un estúpido. Para llenar su ego de satisfacción malsana.
sabes? ya estoy cocinando mis pasteles de chocolate de nuevo. Y hoy haré galletas de mantequilla, yupi yupi.

09.11.2019 17:59

¿Tienes tu botella de gas? Felicidades. Envíame unas galletas de mantequilla por favor. Feliz día y horneado. 💕

09.11.2019 20:23

si, haré una receta con galletas de mantequilla y te la enviare. jajaja

09.11.2019 23:24

@gertu Gracias. Tu haces mi día. Los espero en el buzón. No los envíe por paloma. No se puede confiar en las palomas.Posted with

13.11.2019 06:00

iSi, creo que mejor te las envío en una nueva publicación. JEjejeje

13.11.2019 11:21

What? Yeah that's right it us just a scam and a lady at the counter is no repairman she is just sales trying to sell but you got better internet now. That's good.

Posted using Partiko Android

10.11.2019 07:21

Till the moment they slow me down. It is still not fast but better and this is only what I pay for, prepaid, with my mobile phone. That is expensive. They do the same with my router. I am sure about that.

10.11.2019 10:40