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The sun goes up or... down.

I wonder if there is a difference. If you can see the difference. I watched some photos but cannot tell.

This photo was made by me with my mobile phone. It is a Samsung A10.

To be honest I do not think the camera makes the greatest shots there are but this one I like. It is more luck as knowledge that made it a good one.
Is it thanks to the clouds or the strange, yellow color?

To be honest I never saw it before. In most cases I see a redish colored sky and today some different shades of blue. A beautiful painting but my phone was empty. It is more frequently these days. Reason? Perhaps I use it more and I charge at different hours as before.

In black and white.
It looks more like a cloudy day this way, a thunderstorm coming up. (It did not rain the clouds were gone after a few hours).

I started photographing as I was 7 years old. All photos were black.and white. If I see the one above I.wonder if a sunset was recognized in it. Did we had a different view if it comes to photography?

At the moment I make less photos. I as m too busy with writing but if I practise in making macro photos. I read my mobile phone should be able to make them too. It does at time I just nit figured out what the trick is.

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Beautiful shot

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06.11.2019 18:13

Thank you very much. Will you join this contest too? Happy day. 💕

06.11.2019 18:20

I might

07.11.2019 13:24

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06.11.2019 18:17

Nice shot! That was my problem before how to do the macro then one time accidentally my fingers, the pointing finger and the last small one, touched the flower photo, whoa it zoommed in, just like I know.

07.11.2019 04:25

Muy bonita foto amiga. Yo tomo fotos desde pequeña con una cámara, pero casi nunca enfoqué bien. Creo que ahora pasa lo mismo. Creo que por mi defecto visual. Hago fotos sin los lentes, por eso se salen de foco, algunas veces. Pero ay voy. Un abrazo.

06.11.2019 21:59

I do not see well myself I just try and make several. At times I am surprised. I learned to move the camera slowly back and forward. It helps focussing. Many of your photos are beautiful. 💕

07.11.2019 03:47

Gracias. Es cuestión de suerte. Por que mi visión no es muy buena. He sido miope toda la vida y ahora lo llaman presbicia. Pero tengo presbicia desde que nací.
Ahora solo manejo la cámara del teléfono y ella misma se ajusta al macro. Sobre todo, cuando hago posiciones difíciles con mi cuerpo, para tomar varias fotos, a la final me canso, y veo las fotos que puedo usar y, desecho las que no.

07.11.2019 10:22

@gertu Siento oír eso. Haces hermosas fotos. Puedes estar orgulloso de ti mismo. Abrazos.💕Posted with

10.11.2019 20:06

Got nice shot there @wakeupkitty. I love them both.

08.11.2019 03:19

Thank you so much. 🙂 But it does look different in black and white. I wish you a great day. 😁

08.11.2019 06:55

Beautiful shot! Try to zoom the pic, looks like macro

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09.11.2019 13:57

Thank you for your comment. Happy weekend. 💕

09.11.2019 20:31

Thank you for your support @wakeupkitty

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10.11.2019 08:11

You are welcome. 💕

10.11.2019 10:49