Sunday, May 3, 2020 - A bit #hasil2020

It is stormy outside no gardening today.

The wind is too strong.

I started paying the winner and participants of my contest, next I joined TakeAPic hosted by @olivia08

I feel dizzy as if I am fainting again.

We ate all the chocolate and marzipan the children bought me for Mother's Day. 😁

I still feel as if I get unconscious any minute.

I read the latest news about the lockdowns in Europe.
The countries where it is worst seem to do the same as the countries where only a few got ill (what we forget is the number of infected people says nothing if we do not know how many people live in a country on a m2).
Some countries have stricter rules. France, Belgium and the city of Budapest plus the Pest county area.
Most countries want you to wear a face mask if you use public transport.

Poland and Hungary start with the US med #Remdesivir to fight the #Coronavirus which causes #Covid19 - I mentioned it before - according to The Lancet it does not work. Is it worth trying anyway?


Nothing has changed since my latest update on 042620 - Update April 2020 which you can read if you like.
On the days I am gardening I take between 5000-7000 steps. In most cases 5000 are counted.

I noticed with peakd I can powerup a different acvount too. What a great option.

#hasil2020 is hosted by @davidke20 anyone left of those who once started?

Published today (Sunday, May 3, 2020)

  • Nature
    My entry to @olivia08 her TakeAPic contest
  • Lockdown fashion trends?
    My entry to @qurator's Monday Missions. It's not fashionable to wear a face mask and it will never be. Covering yourself is not fashionable either. It all catches dus, bacteria, viruses and more which you wave around you and spread even more, right into people's faces. Ever thought about that?
  • 050120 - May 1st, better celebrate life.
    My diary day/thoughts about May 1st.
  • Yearbook
    Almanac is the prompt used. What pops up in my mind is totally different from google translate's description.
    It's good to know my "Sokke & Fukke" collection are almanac too. 😁
  • Is Remdesivir worth trying?
    The med isn't really tested but approved and some countries in Europe will give it a try. The medical magazine The Lancet has doubts about its affect.
  • Will you celebrate your vacation at home?
    Already before the worldwide lockdown many countries suffered from an economical crisis. Spending a vacation in own country - instead of abroad - is a good way to help those who are close to a bankruptcy.

Published yesterday (Saturday, May 2, 2020)

  • Do you call/visit your parents/elderly family frequently?
    Do we really care about our elderly? The number of children calling/visiting (grand)parents decreases. Too busy is frequently heard but caring is no longer a need in a society with social security or?
  • The last pets - Wolfhounds
    By now our youngest wolf is 14 months old. Still not liked by her mother and skinny but happy and alive.
  • Contest/Wettbewerb/Concurso "Looking Back/Look Forward 2.47"
    Here we go. The new weekly writing contest is online. The theme is: Mother's Day. Did or do you celebrate it? Are you looking forward to it or is life fine without it? In the Netherlands this day was introduced hundreds of years later as in the UK or USA (now you know how much we care and what a party animals we are).

Some Saturdays and Sundays in my life.

Diary Day #3 - Sept. 15, 2019
Magical Sunday

Diary Day #23 - October 5, 2019
Fasting Saturday

Diary Day #52 - November 3, 2019
Bed day

Diary Day #85 - December 7, 2019
An ordinary dizzy day.

Diary Day #113 - January 5, 2020
Clouds in the picture

Diary Day #169 - March 1, 2020
030120 - It's March.

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