Sunday, first day.

I always learned Sunday is the first day of the week, a day of rest.

Just like Saturday, I stayed in bed. I need to save energy plus it is cold inside. The winter is near. I wait till I feel better, can leave to drive food to my daughter and we will celebrate a late St. Nicolas with her or an early Christmas. The time we can celebrate together is over. No ring in birthdays together. We became a family living in poverty making the best out of it.

Gasoline is expensive, so are the repairs of the car. I changed my good car for a small city vehicle. Good for the city life but not for driving through the mud and on the highway (especially with wind).
Driving in a small car annoys many drivers and it is not comfy if you are tall. If I am tired I sleep in it and the children wait. Far from luxury but we have not many options. I take blankets with me and boiled water but it seldom is enough. Hard to believe we do in a small old Renault Clio what we once bought a camper for.
The camper gave a holiday feeling and this? I get broke out of the car, get at work, sleep and drive back. After that, I need to recover for at least one week.

I hope "oliebollen" are already for sale. We mainly eat them on New Year's Eve. One granny always said the evening before your birthday it was your New Year's Eve. For a long time, I made (fried) "oliebollen" on that day for my children but these days are over. Liking them is what the youngest two just started with.

**If you like to freewrite see @mariannewest.
I think red pepper is more healthy unless you can not digest veggies and fruit and take the vitamines out.


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Hold on, my friend, hold on ... I pray for Steem and Steemit to do well just because of stories like this ...

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Thank for your kind and encouraging comment. I wish you a great day. 💕

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I loved the book "The Book Thief" but didn't see the movie.
Your life sounds so difficult, but your stories about it are very interesting so thank you for providing them to us. BTW, I drive a very small car but feel safe in it because it is a very bright color. It's also very easy to find in parking lots.

I'm here to deliver the Tuesday prompt so please write us another!

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@owasco A yellow car might be a good choice for me. I have trouble at times to remember where I left my car. 🤫

Using as we manage it does not matter or perhaps I should say, life does not feel hard. We learned how to do it, to manage, only what we not counted with is a problem.

Thank you for the delivery. ❤️Posted with ![](

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