It turned out to be a good day. She sat on the bed and watched the news. It was good to be back. Back was the place where no one knew who she really was, where she came from nor asked where she had been lately. The dogs guarded the place and took care of themselves. There was plenty of food and they were great hunters. Bills were automatically paid and the only thing she had taken with her was her laptop and the file.
On her way she had eaten her dinner, bought some food and fluffy zebra socks. It wasn't because she liked stripes but they were on sale, soft and made great bed socks.
The news showed photos of the walls of the monsterhouse. It took her some minutes to realize it was Mrs.'s Gordons basement they were talking about, the place where Jim nearly died.

"Nearly, he didn't die and it's questionable if he is safe at Ben's place."

While the reporter spoke her attention was catches byone specific photos. Who stood there? She switched her laptop on, crawled over the bed closer to the tv screen. Was that Ben? What was he doing on the wall? Making a fool out of those poor people who died in there? If that was him who took those photos? Was it possible he took them himself? The reporter went on and didn't mention the man hiding in the wall all he said was the photos were send to them anonymously. If it was anonymously most likely Ben didn't made them.

[Time up]

She searched for the news items about the monster house on the internet to have a closer look at the photos and saved them. She was 100% sure it was Ben and no doubt he was up to something.
Not much information was given about the bodies found. There were six bricked in and if Jim would have died he would have been number seven. What about her daughter? How come she was set free, didn't die?

She has never been in that cellar. She wasn't killed and there was no reason to take her to the monster house to get rid of her body.
I bet all those corpses are male, Mr. Gordon had manly children... what did he do with the girls?

"Let's search for that ugly doll first. A doll like that one can't be unnoticed. I doubt there are many of these scary things. Who is the biggest doll collector around? Good there's internet."

It didn't take her long to find the information she needed. Three collectors showed up, and all three of them seem to show up at auctions worldwide. Some dolls turned out to be more expensive than a Ferrari and it was clear each doll came with a story.

"Since no one can travel and the auctions are mainly online I will wake up those doll lovers for a change. I have an item some collector might be interested in."

She started at the doll. The ugly, scary one she had only seen once in her life before.

"Hello Annabelle," she whispered, "I like to hear your story."

1.Memory 2. Chocolate 3. Urgent 4. Leaving 5. Life 6. Blue 7. Relief 8. Uphill 9. Justice 10. A handful 11. Charming 12. Shave 13. Gathering the pieces 14. At work 15. Revenge 16. Dumb 17. Creating space 18. Not one word 19. Strangers 20. Dark adventures 21. Traces 22. Just a slip-up? 23. Hide or die 24. Going home 25. Sharing 26. Watch your steps... 27. Find him! 28. Farm fresh 29. The emu 30. Mystified 31. Thrown outside 32. The doll 33. It's clear 34. The call 35. Wheel her in 36. Chain 37. Hard work 38. Do you like my hat? 39. Stay safe 40. Awake and aware 41. Lemongrass 42. Warrior bride 43. Bag 44. The ant 45. The phone call 46. Sweat it out 47. Fake news 48. Case closed? 49. Childcare 50. The monster house 50. Leaves are falling 51. Intrigue 52. Chainsaw 53. Tactic 54. Fantastic 55. Pattern 56. Watch out! 57. Welcome 58. The cuff

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