Staropramen - Granát

It is #BeerSaturday and I drank,

uh... tested a beer. This one was not spoiled yet, is in a bottle and I once bumped into it on my way out of the shop.

The label was an eye catcher, I like it and soak it off

Staropramen Granát

They (the brewery) say it is:

  • the spirit of Prague
  • proudly brewed since 1869
  • 1 Prague beer in the world and

  • a great taste guaranteed by the brewmasters

A peep in the bottle
It smells great but tastes different from what I smell.

It looks as if the spirit has left. 🤔
Let's shake it.

Dead (beer) or alive?

The spirit comes back if you drink it.

This beer contains 4,8% alcohol.
I have no idea how many breweries Prague has and am not in the mood to figure it out.
If you have questions or like some more info you can contact the brewery via

What about the beer?
This one smells nice. The taste is better as of most beers I tried. It must be a half-brown beer.
After all the water I drank in the past week this 0,5-liter bottle is a present from heaven.

I try this brand again plus a different type brewed by the same brewery.

If you like to join your beer with us see @detlev

Beer, beer and some beer tips.

"Golden Draak" the best beer so far.

Karamalz - Malt Beverage - Classic

Hurray, it is #BeerSaturday

Tuborg original green - Copenhagen.

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A very good beer, of which I was able to convince myself. 😎

23.11.2019 11:45

Have you tried that other one too? It's a green bottle and if I read it well an unclear beer. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Enjoy your weekend/!BEER. 💕

23.11.2019 17:15

View or trade BEER.

Hey @muelli, here is a little bit of BEER from @wakeupkitty for you. Enjoy it!

23.11.2019 17:16


23.11.2019 11:53

Hi @steemkitten thank you for dropping by. Some cuddles for you. 😍💕

23.11.2019 17:16

Te felicito, la única cerveza que veo es la que me da @olivia08, en su concurso. Buena degustación.

24.11.2019 01:39

Buenas Dias amiga. Do you know, that my place in the Philippine has something the same dialect with you. My forefathers were Spanish. When Magellan a Spanish explorer visited our place, they build churches and introduced Christianity to our land.
Our number count likes this Uno, dos, tres , singko, sais, syete, otso, nueve, dyes.
Amiga for a female friend, amigo for male friends. In high school I memorized the Human body in Spanish "EL CUERPO HUMANO" but I forgot it. Yu Ti Amo!

24.11.2019 01:58

Que sorpresa!! no lo sabía. "Yo te amo". Así se escribe tu última frase. Y si, el español Magallanes, también es conocido en mi país.
Esto es lo que me gusta de steemit, cada vez aprendo nuevas cosas. Gracias por compartir.

What a surprise !! I didn't know "I love you". This is how you write your last sentence. And yes, the Spanish Magallanes, is also known in my country.
This is what I like about Steemit, every time I learn new things.
Thanks for sharing.

24.11.2019 17:18

@gertu Puedes apostar esa cerveza y luego darla tú mismo. Lo compré ya que recién comenzaron con el token. Estaba feliz de beber otra cosa solo como agua. 👍 Saludos tienen una cerveza! Conmigo. Feliz domingo.Posted with ![](

24.11.2019 07:57

Se ve buena. Aqui tomamos muchas cervezas frias por el calor. Saludos

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27.11.2019 03:17

@wendyth16 Raramente bebo cerveza principalmente agua. Solo pruebo uno si me uno a este concurso o si quiero activar mis riñones un poco más. Una vez ayudó. Gracias por comentar Te deseo un buen día. 💕

I rarely drink beer these days mainly water. I only try one if I join this contest or want to activate my kidneys a bit more. It once helped. Thank you for commenting. I wish you a great day. 💕Posted with ![](

27.11.2019 05:50