My first thought is Bananasplit. I cannot remember the last time I ate it. It's ice cream with banana, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce. As a child I only liked this for dessert or Dame Blanche (ice cream with hot chocolate sauce although I wasn't fond of the ice cream) when we ate in a restaurant. The desserts my mother made and for sure were called "luxury" made me gag. Chipolata pudding and macaroon Chipolata. I love macaroons but not soaked in some pudding.
I am not quite sure why I haven't eaten it for years but it has probably to do with the high price asked for it plus the fact in most cases eating out is very disappointing. Yes, you are right I can easily make it myself but banana is expensive too and so is real tasty ice cream.

source. This is for sure not what the Bananasplit looked like at the time I ate it.

The other split popping up in my mind is the one in a skirt.
At least we call it in Dutch a split. It's good to have one in a pencil skirt, for example, to make walking a bit easier and practical if you like to sit down once in a while. The split at the back I like most, next to the one on one side which doesn't mean I do not have a skirt with one at the front. I had a look on the internet and what I saw wasn't the kind of splits I remember or like either. It's far from what I call elegant.
I grew up with dresses and skirts and long (gala) dresses but wearing them these days is history too.

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19.03.2020 19:08

Thank you. I appreciate it. 👍

20.03.2020 06:07

I haven't had a banana split in a long time as well. I actually don't like the sauces they pour over too much...

20.03.2020 01:17

I never liked the taste of the ice cream it was always vanilla. The chocolate made it better. The cookies like on the picture we're never there. Just banana on a plate shaped in the same way, icecream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

20.03.2020 05:18