Soon Autumn is over.

Monday - November 25, 2019

It is Autumn. In town more as here but they are cleaning up the traces. Therefore we have more sheepshit.

This was a fast day, at least it is if I see what I noted which is not much. I spent most of it writing my NaNoWriMo and was distracted many times. So I wrote in between doing other things. I jad a hard time to focus.

4:30 am
I came out bed. It is later as usual but my back hurts and I have all kinds of "buts" early in the morning.

How come the weatherforecast forgets to mention that? Guess we don't count on the country.

5:50 am
A bit later at the bus stop but we made it.

Back home some tea with the youngest.
I stay home. Good there are bikes.

Answered comments with It does not always works out well. It sent my answer to the wrong person or even to two different Steemians.

It is 8:37 am
This is day #22 of my NaNoWriMo.
Actually, I am finished. Yesterday was the day I wrote over 52K words and only 50K are needed. This means I can write a book in 21 days and I have one week to edit. To be honest I think it is too fast. If you just wrote something it is hard to take the blunders out of it.
I edited MarchMadness 3 or 4 times and still not finished it. Yesterday I read a part and thought “I can do this better”. Also, annoying is I always use the same terms. I guess that happens if you are not a native speaker or a boring person. My Dutch is ten times more lively read more. This is a dead end. Reason: bad hosting, you cannot count on it.

2 pm
The youngest is home. We tried to get the bike in the car (in case of need). It is possible but a struggle.

3 pm
Have to pick up the bus-kid plus it is ATM day.

@olivia08 hosts. I am the donor. Transferred it.

22:19 pm
Last post Diary Day #73:- November 24, 2019
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Thank you @steemitboard. 👍💕

26.11.2019 19:10

Hi, @wakeupkitty sorry for the was stop for a while due to I am not in good condition this week. I am infective by the fungal infection. My ears soaring so much I can't concentrate to make the articles I am so sorry my friend I hope you understand my situation and one thing I got fever too.

27.11.2019 01:23

@chrismadcboy2016 I understand. Please announce the contest will not be held for a while or consider do it twice a month and try to be noticed. Sick or not people count on you if you host a contest. They do not join if they cannot.

Get well soon. ❤️Posted with ![](

27.11.2019 05:47

Yes, I will announce the result @wakeupkitty thank you for the strong words given me more interest.

27.11.2019 08:54