So it is nearly Christmas huh?

Sunday - December 22, 2019

(Diary day 99!)

A day in bed, the only steps I took. If you cannot do much the only thing you can do is making the best of it. December, Christmas, the holiday season is no guarantee for good health, a jolly life and a merry day.


I watched two films.
The Irishman and Pachamama.
It had a hard to follow but I can watch it again.
The Irishman is about a guy who ends up with helping the maffia. He is the one telling the story.

Pachamama is what I call mother earth. It is a strange animation you have to get used to it. It starts with the ceremony of thanking Pachamama giving her what is most dear to you. The girl does the boy refuses.
The son of the sun, the ruler of Inca is a weirdo. His little helpers rob the villages and a holy item used for the ceremony too.
Two children go get it back and get into the palast with a message. The message was foresaid, the iron monsters are soldiers from Spain and they molest, rob what they can and... want the little treassure too.

I only ate some cheese, tried to drink as much as possible.

I took prednisone, antihistamine and a Duvel (its beer) to kill pain. The Duvel tasted but did nothing. At least I had something extra to drink. I am dehydrated and it's getting worse.

4:30 pm
A struggled with my first dpoll. No matter which keyboard I use text disappeares or words repeat themselves endlessly. Better keep it short. Do you translate?. There is a problem with the pictures too.

5:40 pm
Gedanken über...

8:40 pm
Curation Circle Creed (ccc)

9:35 pm

31sentencecontest entry

I already wrote in the past days. Only had to write the last 8 sentences.
Huge surprise.

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So it is nearly Christmas huh?

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From me happy holidays and een gezond gezegend 2020

25.12.2019 17:10

Thank you. I wish you and your family a great 2020. 💕

26.12.2019 12:59

An upvote for being a member. We grow thanks to you and... We are happy to have you and wish you a great 2020 @team-ccc.

26.12.2019 07:13

Thank you very much. 💕

26.12.2019 12:58