Slowing down on Saturday - Sept. 21, 2019

I slept, no pain, heard Xiâo. Asked the youngest to put her outside (has the room next to mine, actually we share the space) but Xiâo just came inside. I felt too tired to go out and have a look at her.


6 am
Heard Xiâo whole time, during the rest of the night. Got dressed and took her outside. I smelled dogshit and left the frontdoor wide open. 🤨

It is cold. The car's front windowscreen is frozen. Xiâo her high need turned out not to be that high. She took her time and was willing to sit and stay. Slowly we
followed our road. I make a photo of the very red sky it hardly shows. ☹


I am counting steps with @partiko. I did not make the 10k yesterday. I need more sleep and I cannot walk and write at the same time.


My favourite app is Whatsapp.
How come I did not think of WhatsApp yesterday? It is the only app that makes it possible for me to stay in touch with my children. At first we did via e-mail but loading e-mails always been difficult for me (with slow internet connection. No matter where I live I am always at the end of the row).

Finally wrote and posted my favourite entry. Writing and editing took more time as expected. Am I getting slow too?

Checked the bankaccount/payments. Most is done automatically including all the things I need to save for (taxes, car being tested/repaired, health insurance, school fee, glasses, etc). The youngest two have an account for drivers lessons plus started one to buy a laptop or mobile phone. I gave both 10 euro extra. Will save it on food or something else.

My eyes are irritated, my leg is less painful (went back to bed).

Left the link of my entry at @marblely. I could not load any of @oaulag will deliver it.

@partiko I have 16% by now. Can you imagine it? One more hour for only 25 mb!
Now you know how slow I am. I should be paid for all the time I wait.

I cannot load
No need to try Publish0x.

I cannot even load name of wheels It is contest day today. I need to post an Announcement, pay the winners and post the new contest Looking back / Look forward. This time I had 10 entries. Good news. It means there will be two winners plus some bonuses. 👍😁

Screenshot_20190916-145921_Samsung Internet.jpg

The other kid is doing the laundry (sport clothes only, not mine) and brings me another cup of tea.

10:24 am
Discussing Health insurance issues with my daughter via Whatsapp. Each year we cancel each insurance and look for a cheaper one. If you stay they make you pay more year after year.
To cancel the present one we need the app digiD too.

She still had internet this morning. She contacted the provider about it, they said they would end the contract yesterday. This morning turns out not to be yesterday either. 🤔

10:40 am
Try to use the app of my health insurance it does not load. Apps are no longer easy tools but frequently a direct link to the site.
I give up for today.

11:40 am
Walked a bit inside. Steps taken sofar 3920.


One kid is making breakfast (egg and sausages (eggs and tomatoes for me), the other one hang the laundry outside.

1:38 am
Bought some steem and ripple via (they have an account @bitvavo's Artcontest 94, Day 5. I guess it is not meant to be for me (and @fitinfun gave me a beer 😁💕

One kid takes the wolf out, the other one feeds the eldest and youngest. Heart ❤️ is on their menu. I had some fake Tuc it didn't taste bad so I had my salt dose too.

@partiko It is not about upvotes.

A slow connection is exhausting.


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Thank you for resteeming. I had a look and I already subscribed months ago. Never anything came out it. I am curious to hear why I am now interesting enough to be resteemed. 🤔

I wish you a great day. 💕

24.09.2019 11:21

love pics of dogs! Yours looks more like a wolf though. Still a sweetie though i'm sure.

24.09.2019 10:05

They are more wolf as dog. Special breed to create a healthier animal.

Thank you for your compliment and commenting. Have a great day. 💕

24.09.2019 11:04