Slow Saturday and a golden dragon - Sept 14, 2019


7 am
Out of bed I try @appics for 22 minutes without result.

I try to post via @partiko several times.
My connection cannot load photos they are too big (720p is the smallest size photogrid has I need something else). If good content should come with a photo I can stop posting. ☹

It is 7:27 am.
Time to get dressed and go out with the wolf, what a waste of time 30 minutes of trying to post.

Walked with Xiâo-Aine. The sky looks interesting. The clouds not there yesterday are here today. No coat needed, just a t-shirt will do if you do not feel as easily cold as I.


The youngest lost 200 grams (apple pie diet?).

Fed 3 wolves, tea break

2314 steps, I think my leg doesn't hurt.

8:26 am
My connection is so slow I cannot load my own account and see the posts.
I try via @partiko nd The rest will not load anyway. It remains blank.

10:25 am
Finished and posted my entry to the contest Looking back/Look forward hosted by me. The rules are changed if no 6 entries the rest will be me so there is a weekly payout. **What is Steemit worth to you, it took longer as expected.

Telegram message: @appics server should work again if I will give it a try. 👍

10:54 am
Tried @appics the server is back for the android users and my shadow is present.


11:26 am
Delegated tasks to do at home.

Wrote announchement contest Looking back / Look forward.

Time to go outside and mow a part of the "lawn". I bet I mow faster as I write a post! Good moment to write/finish my story in my head while gardening and counting steps (so far only 2736, I cannot walk and write at the same time).

The tomato plants, planted way too late outside, do havesome tomatoes! 🍅 🍅


1:47 pm
Downvoters love to break necks for personal reasons? must be happy.
@haejin does not write great content. I doubt his neck can be broke. @fitinfunfood says he does not know the downvote mob is on him. He does he has his own blacklist who to downvote automatically @forexbrokr is on his list and also on @steemchiller his list.

@camillesteemer, the Drama queen, agressive one who never forgets, is a nobody.
This account is downvoting out of revenge. It cannot be taken serious since there is not one single post that proves this is a writer of good content.

2:58 pm
Finished post You are on someone's blacklist for @wakeupkitty.pal someone asked for help after being downvoted.

3 pm
Milka chocolate with almond contains 1% almond 🤔 1% is not worth mentioning on the chocolate wrap. Good for the "liegebeest" (liar) of the year trophy.

Eating some Tuc mini to get my dailt salt doses.

Steps: 8091

3:45 pm
Watching The emperor's new groove" (Keizer Kuzco)_. The Dutch version is way better as the English one. So funny thanks to all expressions.
Note: Haven't seen the German version yet.

5 pm
Wrote and posted #zapfic a very short story with prompt 240 character max

Answering replies via No way @partiko shows me notifications or anything else.
I give up it is 6:14 pm

6:35 pm
Announcement contest.
The Contest "Looking back/Look forward / Mirando hacia atrás/mirando hacia adelante 2.13" had 6 entries including mine.
Two winners plus bonus.

Video Ribbit is playing.
The frog has low self esteem, likes to be called Norman (Norman 😭 from that song or Norman Bates the serial killer. The follow up series "Bates Hotel" are great.) wants to be kissed by a human princess to change into a human prince... The animation is... 😭

7:25 pm
Posted new contest CONTEST/CONCURSO: Looking Back/Look Forward (Mirando hacia atrás/ mirando hacia adelante) 2.14 via SteemCoinpan. I like that site.

Spongebob movie is on.

8:20 pm
Posted my first diary day A day full of surprises - Sept 13, 2019

Time for salami and water and a walk.

8:36 pm
Keep trying loading/reading posts - no result 🙁.

@joeyarnoldvn is the man of the diaries!
Interesting reads.

8:45 pm finally, voted, commented and resteemed.


10:30 pm
Drank a great beer Gulden Draak this one you should taste and above all not share!

I wrote a post for #BeerSaturday (see @detlev, I cannot at the moment and @beerlover for BEER tokens to buy and share (stake them first).

I search for the earlier posts I wrote for #BeerSaturday. It is a huge problem to find posts back. No way I can save all of them. Anyone a solution for it?

11:58 pm
Posted "Golden Draak" the best beer so far..

Bedtime I cannot read or search for the info I need.

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Yah I don’t understand the downvotes. I have had a couple. Already the posts ain’t earning much and they don’t give a reason for the downvote 😠

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17.09.2019 15:50

So far reasons can be:
Wrong tags
Less as 44 words
Use of bidbots
Asking for attention
Not liking your post
Not liking you

Figure out who downvoted you and what that person writes, likes and say thanks.


17.09.2019 16:04