Short Sunday - Oct. 6, 2019

Short Sunday - Oct. 6, 2019

No dirty bikes here.

I am awake, my joints shoulder, elbows and knees hurt and the headache is still there.

Kid had a look 4 times if I am awake. Brings me some tea.


9:30 am
Changed one post Partiko posted twice into Dik tevreden a short story of 140 words about an elderly couple. They saved each cent and live in poverty, without tv. He is satisfied, no longer crazy about her but she keeps him warm in bed. I will not translate it since it is written with mainly Dutch expressions.


I wrote a follow up of this story. Over en uit. The elderly couply, he satisfied she had it. The money they saved is hidden underneath the sheets. That night she goes to bed with her new kitten.
I joined two challenges with it.
One: the monthly 140 words plus the word stapelbed and the other one is a monthly story writing challenge to the given pictures (the one with the cat I used).

My stories seldom have a follow up although people keep asking for it. I like the open end more plus I need a certain mood to write a poem/in a rhythm while using mainly expressions.

I am sitting with my feet in a bucket water my kid brought it to me.

The kids ate the buttercake that was left. The youngest lost weight. Today lightest weight ever. Hurray. Lost 8 pounds (4 kg since August 12).

10:25 am
Dpoll - done
Chunky soup giveaway is not worth joining. 🤔 The most dpoll users seem to think that.

Read and commented/answered via @appics's PayitForward Contest.
I finf writing recommendatiins very hard, especially if you have to make a post out of it. I have a lack of words plus it takes extra time to search the steemit links.

My payitforward entry week 78

More tea.
Yesterday I drank nearly 6 liter.

Washing my winter coat on 60 degrees. Read an article about bacteria spread by the washing machine (yes, in hospitals they are dirty too but we already knew that).
Better forget about washing on low temps. It saves the environment more if you use less soap, no fabric softener, shorter programs, clean it and use your machine for the next 40 years. Washing machines are smelly and make your clothes smell too. Good health to all of you.

Cooked for the children. I only ate some chicken. Had a boiled egg and some nuts earlier. That was my food for today.

8:23 pm
I wrote a post Change of diet and joined @qurator

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Hello friend @wakeupkitty good afternoon, I saw that you had an incredible Sunday.

I just stopped by to thank you for supporting my presentation post.

07.10.2019 20:46

Hi there. Kind of you to stop by. You are very welcome. I hope you have a great day. 💕

08.10.2019 14:52